Today's Youth is Tomorrow's future

In the presence of the university symbols and public figures, the Egyptian Russian university organizied a seminar ” Today’s Youth is Tomorrow’s future” in co-operation with the Ministry of Culture and the Fund of Fighting & Treatment of Addiction..
The Egyptian Russian University in Badr City organized a seminar under the title “Today’s Youth is Tomorrow’s Future” in co-operation with the Culture Palaces Authority and the Fund of Fighting and Treating Addiction at the end of the “Youth awareness” campaign for the cultural season in the university. This comes within the framework of educating students and maximizing their role in effective participation in society awareness to keep away from drugs of abuse, to avoid its harmful and dangerous effects on their health, their future and society.
The seminar was attended by prof. Dr. Mohamed Fattouh, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Egyptian Russian University, Prof. Dr. Khaled Tawfik, Dean of Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine at the Egyptian Russian University, and Mr. Tarek Belal chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Educational Administration of Badr and El-shorouk cities and Mrs. Amira Rajab, preventive programs official at the Fund of Fighting and Treating Addiction and Mr. Emad Mutaib Director of public Relations at the Badr City Investors Association.
At the beginning of the meeting Prof. Dr. Sherif Fakhry president of the Egyptian Russian University welcomed the attendees and said that the aim of holding these seminars is to educate students about the internal and external conditions and the dangers surrounding them and correct some unclear concepts about the risks of addiction and misconceptions to protect their future. Noting that they are the active force that represents a significant percentage in making the future of Egypt.
In the same context, Dr. Hanan Mousa Head of the Central Administration of Studies and Researches at the Ministry of Culture explained that the importance of the seminar for youth is to let them recognize the great challenges for making their future by working hard and exerting efforts.
Dr. Mohamed Mustafa from the Addiction and Control Fund talked about the dangers of narcotic substances of all kinds and said that drugs do not only affect the addict, but their effects extend to inflict social and economic damage in the surroundings around him.
The university choir presented singing performances that included patriotic and heritage songs which were praised by the attendees.
At the end of the seminar prof. Dr. Sherif Fakhry and Prof. Dr. Hanaa Abd el Rahman, Head of student activities honoured a number of important personalities from the distinguished guests and students for their positive impact on society and public work.

Todays Youth is Tomorrows future

11 November 2020