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The Egyptian Russian University aims to prepare, develop and refine students’ scientific, physical, social, cultural and artistic skills to qualify them to become distinguished graduates that the labor market seeks for them and to shoulder responsibility for the advancement of our beloved country and the rapprochement between the education sector, the business sector and society as well as encouraging the culture of innovation and the university’s academic programs are subject to continuous quality reviews to ensure the achievement of those goals. Therefore, you are encouraged to learn more about the academic life of the Egyptian Russian University and to think about becoming a part of its success.

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The university has 5 cafeterias that serve high-quality food.


Our belief that a healthy mind lies in a healthy body.


The Egyptian Russian University announces accepting application for housing.

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Based on the importance of scientific research at the university, and in line with the strategic objectives of our beloved country, Plan 2030, the Egyptian Russian University supports the research process within the various faculties of the university, in various research fields. On the university’s page on the Scopus database until the month of 8-2020, we will find about 529 papers published in 25 different fields emanating from the university’s colleges.