The Quality Assurance Center

The Quality Assurance Center in the Egyptian Russian University aims at improving the quality of the educational process, developing its outputs, and creating the appropriate atmosphere for institutional and individual evaluation between faculty members, the assisting staff, and university workers. The center also assists and supports university colleges to apply for accreditation.

Vision of the Quality Assurance Center

The Quality Assurance Center seeks to be a distinguished center in the field of quality assurance through the continuous development of performance in all colleges of the university according to the mission and objectives of each college and based on the national and international evaluation strategies.

The Quality Assurance Center Mission

Assisting the university to achieve competitive quality for all elements of the educational process, support processes and related measures to obtain academic accreditation for its programs.

Objectives of the Quality Assurance Center

  • Spreading the culture of quality assurance and accreditation in the educational institutions of the Egyptian Russian University and its various managerial departments.
  • Spreading the culture of institutional, team and individual evaluation in the university community.
  • The institutional, team and individual evaluation of the elements of the educational process at the university and the use of the results to improve the quality of the educational process outcomes.
  • Developing the capabilities of faculty members and leaders to play their role in applying quality concepts and principles.
  • Supporting the establishment of quality assurance centers in all faculties of the university.
  • Assisting university colleges in implementing quality assurance schemes and preparing them to apply for accreditation.
  • Analyzing and summarizing the results of periodic self-studies and annual reports from various university institutions to come up with a comprehensive annual report on the university’s status and its response to the external audit reports.
  • Exchanging experience of developing the performance of university faculties with other centers and quality units in Egyptian and foreign universities, and benefiting from this in achieving the required development.
  • Evaluating and developing the performance of newly established educational systems such as distance education and e-learning.