Welcome to the College of Applied Arts

Studying at the Faculty of Applied Arts at the Egyptian Russian University depends on the theoretical, laboratory, and applied scientific aspects that allow the student to be able to innovate aesthetically, functionally, and technologically in a way that qualifies the graduate for the labor market and real experience within the framework of cultural and moral responsibility in terms of respecting the special and unique nature of Egypt’s environment and heritage, taking into account the laws and mechanisms of sustainability in a developed and forward-looking view.

My dear students; sons and daughters At the beginning of the new academic year, I welcome you to the Faculty of Applied Arts at the Egyptian Russian University, I offer you my sincere wishes and success, and it is a pleasure that you choose a college and a profession. The designer is one of the tributaries of innovation, development, and the advancement of the nation. Your quest to be innovative designers in the fields of production for art, industry, and architecture requires constant and continuous pursuit of basic scientific knowledge and facts in the science of art, engineering, chemistry, and physics, to be activated in application technology, to innovate products and develop production in the various fields and specializations of applied art and the pursuit of acquiring innovative capabilities and scientific, technical, and technological skills and their application in various products that are related to the departments and majors of the college. It also requires more effort, sincerity, honesty, and having good manners. The college provides the possibility of scientific interaction in the lecture and practical training to form specialized skills through laboratories, workshops and drawing halls, in addition to factories and productive institutions, with the aim of continuous access to the latest applied technologies that are associated with scientific and practical programs for different specializations. We pray to God to help us and our students, to bring them and our beloved Egypt to the distinguished scientific leadership regionally and globally.

Our Vision

To make the Faculty of Applied Arts at the Egyptian Russian University a leading educational and research institution locally, regionally and internationally in the field of art, design, community service and environmental development.

Our Mission

The Faculty of Applied Arts at the Egyptian Russian University enables the achievement of a distinguished educational and research system for its graduates in the field of art and design by activating international quality standards and providing the needs of the labor market in accordance with professional and ethical responsibility while supporting community partnership and environmental development.

Objectives and Aims

The first objective: to achieve excellence for graduates within the framework of local competition. This is done through several aims:
- Developing students' skills and preparing them for the labor market.
- Supporting students' participation in university activities.
-Encouraging innovation and self-learning among students.
-Developing a network of information systems and e-learning.
- Expanding the creation of opportunities for student exchange with international academic institutions.
- Providing various pathways for supporting and caring for graduates.
The second objective: To provide a pioneering educational and research system in the field of art and design to achieve the requirements of the labor market, community service and environmental development. This is done through several aims:
- Continuous development of educational programs to keep pace with development, and to achieve the requirements of the labor market.
- Supporting research participation between academic and production sectors to solve design and production problems.
- Supporting scientific publishing and motivating faculty members to participate in local and international conferences.
- Developing a system to activate the pathways of participation in community service and development and support environmental services.
The third objective: to support local, Russian and international educational and research partnerships. This is done through several aims:
- - Increasing opportunities for cooperation and scientific and technical participation between the college and local, Russian and international academic institutions.
- Supporting partnerships with industrial and community institutions to train students, employ graduates, and qualify them.
- - Linking scientific research to community needs and environmental development within the framework of integrated research plans.
- The college's participation in community programs and activities.
Fourth objective: activating the quality system and sustainable development as a method of development. This is done through several aims:
- Supporting the quality assurance system within the framework of accreditation requirements.
- Providing the appropriate educational environment to improve the mechanisms of education and scientific research in the college.
- Attracting the best academic, administrative and technical competencies to work at the college and continuously developing their skills.
- Upgrading teaching and learning methods and assessment methods.
- Enhancing cooperation between the college and community and related bodies.
Creating new and unique majors in the college. -
- Providing self-resources for the continuous development and modernization of the education and scientific research system.

The study at the Faculty of Applied Arts in all its departments is based on the credit- hour system. To obtain a bachelor’s degree, the study includes five levels of study, including ten semesters, and includes the levels of general or preparatory preparation, two semesters as a preparatory stage for general preparation for the college majors, while the major includes four levels of study( eight semesters) specialized in one of the departments in the college. The study will be in both Arabic and English.




The first and only Russian university in the middle east. It is indeed an exciting time to be a part of this dynamic society.

 Level one
  Interior Design and Furniture
 Printing and packaging
 Glass Department
 Fashion and Apparel
 Business Administration


Faculty of Applied Arts

Pro. Dr. Ezz-Eldeen Abdelaziz Hassan