The Digital Transformation Center

at the Egyptian Russian University is the university's accredited center for training on the digital transformation basics certificate required within the conditions of promotion for faculty members, and granting various certificates from postgraduate studies.


The Digital Transformation Center at the Egyptian Russian University seeks to contribute to the development of higher education, enhance e-learning, improve the learning experience for students and faculty, and emphasize that digital transformation is the best solution to improve the quality of education and university management systems.


The Egyptian Russian University is keen on continuous innovation and development, and recognizes the importance of digital transformation in improving the quality of education, enhancing the capabilities of students and faculty, and providing a unique and distinguished educational experience. With this in mind, the Digital Transformation Center at the University was established with the aim of encouraging the use of modern technologies and digital transformation in education processes. The center aims to provide a distinguished and innovative learning environment to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in performance. We look to the future with optimism and confidence, as digital transformation represents an opportunity for the university to improve the quality of education and scientific research, and achieve a future vision in line with the global digital transformation. We will continue to support the Digital Transformation Center and provide all the capabilities and resources it needs, to achieve the desired goals and improve the university's performance and position in the educational market.

Digital Transformation Fundamentals Programs

The following table shows the training programs to obtain the Fundamentals of Digital Transformation certificate, and includes seven programs, including five mandatory programs and two elective programs:

Job Description of the Organizational Structure of the Digital Transformation Unit

• Managing and implementing digital transformation programs and projects.

• Submit periodic reports to the Dean of the College on the performance of the unit and members of the unit

• Actively participate in building the digital transformation strategy and working to implement it.

• Determine the development requirements based on studying the needs of the center, and develop the necessary plans to achieve the required development.

• Study and analyze the problems of operating the systems used and develop radical solutions to prevent their recurrence.

• Continuous evaluation of the performance of the members of the unit.

• Preparing specialized documents and reports related to digital transformation, providing appropriate recommendations and appropriate solutions, displaying, clarifying and saving them in their database in accordance with the approved policies and procedures.

• Perform any other tasks assigned by the administration and within the scope of specialization.

• Collecting scientific material from teaching staff according to the announced schedules.

• Follow up the upload of lectures, resources and activities before their announced dates in the student’s schedules.

• Providing technical support to faculty members in different departments.

• Providing technical support to students in different departments.

• Follow up the progress of the educational process for faculty members and students.

• Communicate with the Digital Transformation Unit when there are obstacles facing the department’s faculty members or students.

• The incumbent works under the direct supervision of the director of the center.

• Equipping training halls, organizing attendance for training, preparing questionnaires.

• Setting the rules that ensure the proper functioning of the center.

• Organizing meetings, reservations, appointments and daily tasks for the director of the center.

• Delegate light work to others.

• Trainers and students are well welcomed.

• Writing and printing administrative reports periodically.

• Preparing, amending and organizing documents and documents.

• Use of computer applications.

• Telephony processing.

• Ensure that administrative decisions are properly implemented.

• Answer phone calls.

• Organization of work within the center.

• Provide all information and data in a timely manner to the director of the center.

• Manage digital learning sessions in different ways.

• Explain the content of the programs in a smooth way to students.

• Practical applications on digital training patterns.

• Developing interactive digital content in its various styles.

• Training students and developing their performance.

• Follow-up, monitoring and analysis.

• Encourage and motivate students.

• Plan various training programs innovatively.

• Ability to continuous development in programs.

• Provide advice and answer various questions.

• Respond to students’ basic questions and inquiries, and advise them on the center’s programs and services and other related topics.

• Resolve basic student complaints, and refer the most complex complaints to any competent employee.

• Recording inquiries and complaints received, and reporting on the prescribed solutions.

• Welcome students who wish to book any of the digital transformation programs.

• Write down students’ personal information.

• Helping students choose the dates that suit them.

• Respond to all questions and various inquiries raised by students.

• Confirm reservations.

• Training faculty members and students on how to use the e-learning portal.

• Solve complex software and hardware problems.

• Installing and configuring computer applications and systems.

• Solve all technical problems related to network outages.

• Always review the center’s devices and how they work to respond to any inquiries from customers.

• Monitor, update and maintain all computer networks.

• Respond to the inquiries of employees and students and solve all problems they face.

• Perform all electrical safety checks on devices and equipment and replace or repair damaged parts.

• Create a platform for the center on social media.

• Organizing advertising campaigns promoting the Digital Transformation Center on the Internet.

• Design online ads on social media such as Facebook, with the aim of increasing the center’s fame and attracting new students.

• Provide suggestions and ideas to develop marketing campaigns professionally.

• Provide suggestions for content development, and design advertising plans for marketing.

• Follow up the results of advertising campaigns to measure the success of the implemented marketing plan, and determine the necessary amendments to implement the plan as expected.

• Set clear goals for marketing campaigns.
• Search engine marketing to attract more students.

• Follow up on developments and the latest marketing techniques to improve marketing plans to keep pace with the times.

• Analyze marketing data to identify conversion rates, campaign results, and traffic, helping to improve future marketing strategies.

• Supervising the programs and activities provided to students and the service provided to them and working to develop and update them.

• Review the scientific material such as papers, records and correspondence issued for each training program separately.

• Work to educate students about the rules and regulations of the center and its executive rules related to students.

• Building databases related to students, working to update them, taking care of student rights, and taking the necessary means to maintain them.

• Develop the necessary procedures to control students’ attendance and follow up their regularity.

• Study students’ grievances and problems, propose appropriate solutions for them, and coordinate with the relevant authorities in the center.

• Carrying out administrative work, and responding to correspondence received by Student Affairs

• Reporting on the progress of work to the Director of the Center, supervising, directing, motivating and developing subordinates,

• Cooperation with all departments and sections of the center