ERU was founded in 2006

The Egyptian Russian University (ERU) is a private Egyptian university founded in 2006 to become the first private university in the Middle East that operates in cooperation with world-class Russian universities. ERU’s certificates are accredited by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities. ERU comprises the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, and the Faculty of Management, Professional Technology and Computers.

Core purpose of the Egyptian Russian University is to prepare students for future challenges of global competitiveness. In doing so, ERU aims to develop and enhance scientific, physical, social, cultural, and artistic skills of students to be qualified as outstanding graduates who could satisfy market needs, and contribute to the development of their country.

To enhance students’ opportunities and equip them with the needed lifelong learning skills, ERU is offering a unique programme to empower students to secure scholarships for pursuing both MSc and PhD graduate studies abroad. The university is equipped with advanced academic and scientific tools as well as the professional personnel to guarantee the progress and advancement of the university through excellent programmes.

Spread over 37 feddans, the Egyptian Russian University is strategically located in Badr City, minutes away from Egypt’s New Administrative Capital: a modern, smart city designed to meet global needs and trends.

Community services are central to ERU’s plans for the future of health and care system. ERU’s Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine takes pride in providing excellent medical services for the immediate community in Badr City, thus playing a key role in keeping people well.

ERU’s Faculty of Pharmacy has been awarded the Academic Accreditation Certificate from the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Education (NAQAAE) in 2019. ERU’s team of the Faculty of Engineering celebrated winning of the second place in the Electric Car Rally finals (EVER-2019), organized by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology.


the first Russian university in the Middle East, is the outcome of cooperation with seven of the best Russian universities, and thus provides an exceptional educational environment, including:

  • High-standard academic programs are offered.Instruction in English.
  • Well-qualified staff members are hired.
  • Visiting professors from partner Russian universities are invited.
  • Students have opportunities to do summer training, and/or study for one or more semesters in Russia.
  • Lecture halls are air-conditioned and equipped with modern teaching tools.
  • Laboratories have been designed and prepared to the highest technological standards.
  • The library is well maintained, with growing collection of books and references. Students’ activities are given utmost care.
  • Credit hour system included.

University Logo

The logo of the Egyptian Russian University takes a star shape based on the letters that represent the abbreviation of the university's name.
  • This star shape refers to the university’s role in enlightenment, such as the bright sun and its asymmetric rays suggest rotation and express movement, vitality, development, and the length & pointed end of the rays express the glamor of modernity and wide spread.
  • The six rays symbolize the basic areas of knowledge and skills; namely, Formal sciences, Basic sciences, Applied sciences, Social sciences, Humanities, and Professional skills.
  • The university logo has taken the red color to express leadership, launch and passion for producing and transferring knowledge and skills.

Egyptian Russian University (ERU)

The Egyptian Russian University aims to prepare, develop and refine students’ scientific, physical, social, cultural, and artistic skills to qualify them to become distinguished graduates that the labor market seeks for them and to take responsibility for the progress of our beloved country through an advanced educational climate that provides excellent educational services at an affordable cost in cooperation with specialized Russian universities and by providing educational and scientific capabilities and sources of knowledge and effective participation in scientific, sports, artistic and entertainment activities, achieving rapprochement between the education sector, business and society, as well as encouraging the culture of innovation and teaching the Russian language to distinguish from their peers from other universities. The university is unique in providing the opportunity for its students to study and train in the Russian Federation to interact with a society characterized by discipline and reverence for work. The university’s academic programs are subject to constant quality reviews to ensure that these goals are met. The university seeks to occupy a prominent position among the Egyptian, Arab and international universities. Therefore, you are encouraged to learn more about the academic life of the Egyptian Russian University and to think about becoming a part of its success.
Prof. Sherif Fakhry ERU President

Our Mission

The Egyptian Russian University supports the integration of the educational and research processes and community services by providing unique academic programmes that allow ERU’s graduates to compete in the job market, nationally and regionally. The Egyptian Russian University endeavours to provide for advanced scientific research and community services, and to enrich the knowledge and establish the moral values and ethics of the society through a framework of professional responsibility and community partnership.

Our Vision

The Egyptian Russian University’s education model is designed to bridge the gap between business, academia, and society and encourage a culture of innovation. The Egyptian Russian University has also a unique vision to be an essential component for the development of the Egyptian Russian cultural and scientific relationships.

Our Values and Goals

  • Excellence in institutional performance within the framework of a quality system.
  • Increasing the competitiveness of the university and its graduates.
  • Achieving excellence in the fields of education, scientific research, community service and environmental development.
  • Lecture halls are air-conditioned and equipped with modern teaching tools.
  • trengthening ties with local, Russian and international community, education and scientific research institutions.
  • Taking sustainable development as a method of development.


The B.Sc. degrees, granted to ERU graduates, have been accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities and the Ministry of Higher Education.

Campus Life

The broadcaster competition

Sunday 20/12


The Egyptian Russian University announces accepting application for housing in the university dormitory at competitive prices. The enrollment begins with the priority of reservation, noting that the university dormitory is subject to full security supervision. In addition to that, the university dormitory is equipped with 80 beds in double or single rooms as desired, with the periodic maintenance of all the utilities and appliances of the buildings, as well as a free Wi-Fi service. More over there is a careful follow-up by the supervisors of the university buildings throughout the day with surveillance cameras, and taking all precautionary measures and sterilization continuously.


1- The university administration announces the provision of buses to all Cairo and Eastern lines. 2- The university also announces the provision of a Mercedes (MCV) shuttles bus to subscribing students for free and non-subscribed students at a nominal price from the university to the (Girls College Metro Station) by 12:30 pm. 3- In the event that there is no line not present in the university, a line will be provided under the supervision of the Transportation Department, provided that the number is appropriate for the cost of operating the line. 4- The bus subscription can be paid in two installments at the beginning of each term, up to a maximum of one week before the start of the study. Note that the university administration follows the precautionary measures and sterilization in all university buses periodically according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization. Contact the Department of Transportation on campus. – Mr. Mohamed Hosni Mobile / Whatsapp: 01144764434 – 01003336491

Food Court

The university has 5 cafeterias that serve high-quality food. These cafeterias follow standards of hygiene, infection control, and the health and personal hygiene of workers are monitored, and cafeterias are also subject to periodic inspection by a committee at the university.

The Central Library of the Egyptian Russian University

The library consists of three floors: A- The first floor: is for the library management, control and monitoring devices, and the office for distributing textbooks to students. B- The second floor: for computers. C- The third floor: a hall for reading and studying. The library receives all students from 9.30 to 2.30 pm. The library has a capacity of 82 chairs, in addition to 20 computers, and work is underway to increase the capacity. The library includes (the reading room, which contains the scientific books – the computer hall, which facilitates entry to the (Egyptian Knowledge Bank). The library includes the offices of photocopiers.


Our belief that a healthy mind lies in a healthy body and increasing the base of practicing sports among students helps the university in providing the necessary playgrounds and tools for practicing sports for all students. Sports stadiums 1-The football field, 2-Basketball court, 3-Handball court, 4-Volleyball court, 5-Tennis court, 6-Table tennis hall, 7-Fitness hall. Through the university’s role in discovering sporting talents, internal tournaments are held through which distinguished figures are selected to participate in the name of the university in all the tournaments organized by the Egyptian University Sports Federation or by Egyptian universities. Sports teams: 1-Athletics, 2-Football, 3-Basketball, 4-Handball, 5-Volleyball, 6-Tennis, 7-Table tennis, 8-Speed ball, 9-Swimming, 10-Karate, 11-Judo, 12-Taekwondo, 13-Kung Fu, 14-Gymnastics

Rovers Activity

One of the most important activities of the university. Rovers activity began in the university since 2018 and developed rapidly and included four clans of the faculties of (clans of engineering, clans of pharmacy, clans of dentistry, clans of business administration) worth remembering that’s Egyptian Russian university is the only private university officially accredited by the Egyptian Boys Scout Association. The slogan of the Egyptian Russian University’s rovers is (Towards a better Scout vision). The Egyptian Russian University’s Rovers activities didn’t stop even at a time of pandemic time of COVID19 and the most powerful “rovers forum” launched in may 2020 under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Sherif Fakhry, President of the Egyptian-Russian University, and his personal participation in the forum. The forum also included Egyptian boy scouting leaders as a lecturers in the forum Dr. Marco Fouad, is responsible for university Rovers he is a lecturer at the faculty of Oral and Dental medicine at the University and a member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Boys of Scouts (Cairo branch). Prof Dr Hana abdelrahman supervise to whole students activity in the university