About Huawei Academy at the Egyptian Russian University

- The Egyptian-Russian university is one of the Egyptian universities that selected by the Huawei International Academy to cooperate with it in training students in many areas that are the nucleus of the future, The number of its academies in Egyptian universities has reached 81 so far.
- This collaboration happened via contract meetings between representatives of the Academy and the Russian University to place items agree down by this cooperation and how occurring in the following periods and that's on 31/5/2021. This resulted in many trainings for trainers and qualifying them to train students, and there were trainers from the Egyptian Russian University One of the best 10 coaches at the level Republic and they are (Eng/ Mostafa Gamal and Eng/ Rehab Hassan). Also, many of students have been trained and number of them are got on silver and bronze medals in Huawei global contest and other students qualified for the final stages, and pebbles The Egyptian Russian University On the second place at the level of Egyptian universities in its first year of establishment the academy (2021).

Meeting between the academy officials University With the Egyptian Russian

Huawei event

- An event was made for the Huawei Academy at the Egyptian Russian University On 18/10/2021 and it following happened:
- Honoring many students and trainers who are known for their competence and who passed the international exam of the Academy and they obtained on accredited certificates in different training methods, such as (Artificial intelligence and networks), this came in the presence of Prof. Sherif Fakhry Head of the Egyptian Russian university and he giving the company the university shield in appreciation of the fruitful cooperation.
- Highlight on a Huawei global Academy contest ICT and how submission in it in addition to mentioning schedule for contest and its prizes.

Administrative structure for Huawei Academy at Egyptian Russian University

Prof. Hesham Fathi
General Supervisor

Dr. Tamer Saleh

Miss. Tasneem Nasr EL-Deen
"General Secretary

Huawei recruitment

- The recruitment event for Huawei Academy was made at Egyptian Russian University On 22/8/2022:
- Dr. Tamer Saleh Academic coordinator of the Academy Honored The second batch of students who passed the second stage of international exams, and on the sidelines of the recruitment, a number of students projects were shown and it’s commended by company representatives.
- Numerous personal interviews with number of students in order to provide job opportunities for them This indicates a keen interest to put of competent people in they right place, and a large number of them have been appointed at the parent company.

Academy trainers and fields they train

Number of courses conducted by the academy

Achievements of academy at the Egyptian Russian University in its first year

In its first year

- The Academy ranked second place as the best 10 academies at the level of Egyptian private universities.

- onoring Two Huawei Academy trainers at the Egyptian Russian University among the top ten trainers in the field of artificial intelligence and networks and they are Eng/ Mostafa Gamal Mohamed and Eng/ Rehab Hassan.

- Student /Mustafa Tariq got the third place in the field Cloud is part of the Egyptian team participating in the final qualifiers in China.
- A number of the Egyptian Russian University students got two silver and bronze medals in the field of networking and artificial intelligence they are Eng/ Fatma Adlani she got a silver medal in the field of networking and Eng/ Omar Samir he got a bronze medal in the field of artificial intelligence.

In its second year

- The academy ranked third place as the best 10 academies at the level of Egyptian private universities.
-Honoring many students who are recognized for their efficiency and who have passed the academy tests, and also honoring students with wonderful graduation projects and the excelling in the different courses.

Steps to register in the academy

Huawei academy website
Huawei competition Link ICT
Huawei Academy registration video
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