-The department of Glass seeks to be a leading educational and research center in the field of designing, production and restoration glass locally, regionally and internationally.


-The department aims to preparing a designer capable of innovation in the fields of designing, production and restoration of glass and the management of design and production processes in accordance with the requirements of the labor market and in accordance with quality standards. The program strives to evolve the scientific research system in specialization, community service and environmental development.


 - Building up students' knowledge and skills in designing and producing glass for various functional and aesthetic purposes.
 - Providing students with the ability to develop solutions to designing, production and restoration problems.
 - Encouraging students to innovate and self-learn in the fields of glass design and production.
 - Offering training opportunities for students in production units, institutions, and relevant authorities in order to develop expertise, strengthen the link with the areas of labor, and link the specialization to the labor market.
 - Providing students with the essential expertise to achieve the requirements of the labor market according to the latest technological systems used in the design and production of glass.
 - Increasing the students’ competitiveness by acquiring the skills of using computers and digital technology in design and production.
 - Presenting opportunities for students exchange with international institutions, universities and academic institutions in the fields of specialization.
 -Supporting the scientific research system in the specialization in cooperation with institutions, advisory offices and production sectors to develop solutions to designing and production problems.
 - Supporting the cooperation between the department and relevant community institutions to serve the community and develop the environment.
 - Marinating the system of achieving quality and providing the appropriate educational environment to improve the mechanisms of education and scientific research in the department.
 - Preparing a leading scientific center in the field of research, development, designing and production of glass to serve the sectors of industry and specialized production.

Graduates’ career fields in

 - Engineering and consulting offices specialized in the design and production of glass.
 - Companies and factories that produce and use glass surfaces for aesthetic and functional purposes of exterior and interior architecture.
 - Companies and factories producing glass containers.
 - Companies and factories producing glass tableware.
 - Companies and factories producing aesthetic glass products of an artistic nature.
- Small production units associated with technical techniques for using glass for aesthetic and functional purposes.
 - Establishing private projects in the fields of glass industries.
 - Universities, research and control centers and institutions related to glass products.
 - Ministries, government agencies, public and private companies.


Pharmacology and Toxicology Department Major Staff

Prof. Laila A. Abd El-Aziz

Dr. Noha M. Saeed

Dr. Aya Shaheen

Dr. Ahmed Attwa