-The department of Interior Design and Furniture at the faculty of Applied Arts seeks to be a pioneering scientific and applied major locally and regionally in the field of interior design for architecture and designing and production of furniture.


- Establishing a distinguished educational and research system for graduates in the field of interior design and furniture design and production through providing a distinguished educational environment that keeps pace with the requirements of the labor market in accordance with international quality standards, while developing the trend of continuous education and training for the designer. The program aims to develop the scientific research system in specialization, community service and environmental development.


- Developing students' skills and increase their competitiveness in the field of interior design for various architectural facilities.
- Enhancing students' skills in developing solutions to furniture design and production problems.
- Presenting training opportunities for students in factories and relevant authorities in the field of interior design and furniture.
- Encouraging students to innovate and self-learn in the areas of specialization.
- Providing students with the necessary expertise to achieve the requirements of the labor market according to the latest technological systems used in the design and production processes.
- Providing students with the demanded skills to master the use of computers and digital technology in design and production.
- Bringing opportunities for students exchange with international academic institutions.
- Supporting the scientific research system in the specialization through the cooperation with design institutions and production sectors to develop solutions to design and production problems.
- Supporting cooperation between the program and relevant community institutions in the context of community service and environmental development.
- Reinforcing the system of achieving quality and providing the appropriate educational environment to improve the mechanisms of education and scientific research in the department.

Graduates’ career fields

- Technical office designer (design - costs - details - show and output), site designer (supervision - Calculation of quantities - delivery and receipt) in specialized engineering and consulting offices and houses of expertise in the interior design of various architectural facilities (residential - administrative - commercial - tourism - ... etc
- Production designer (flats - solid wood - assembly - planning - projects - pricing - paints and finishes - quality) in Production units and factories working in the field of furniture: technical office designer (design - costs - details - operating drawings)
- Exhibition designer (sales - marketing - design).
- Decoration for cinema, television and theatrical works.
- Designing and supervising the implementation of exhibition pavilions in local and international exhibitions.
- Universities, research and control centers and institutions related to interior designing and furniture.
- Interior designers in ministries, governmental agencies and public and private companies.


Pharmacology and Toxicology Department Major Staff

Prof. Laila A. Abd El-Aziz

Dr. Noha M. Saeed

Dr. Aya Shaheen

Dr. Ahmed Attwa