The department seeks to be a leading educational and research center locally, regionally and internationally in the field of fashion innovation, design, production and distribution of apparel in accordance with international quality standards.


The department aims to prepare a distinguished designer who is able to innovate and manage the designing, development and production processes in the field of apparel and fashion industry and to meet the market’s needs in accordance with local, regional and international standards. It strives to enrich the sciences of fashion, design and production of apparel through research and studies that contribute to the development and service of society and push the production sector of apparel towards the world.


- Building up students’ knowledge and skills and preparing them for the labor market in the field of fashion innovation, design and production of apparel.
- Promoting the Egyptian product and support its competitiveness in light of open markets through teaching and applying the latest modern systems and technologies.
- Encouraging students to innovate and self- learn in the areas of specialization.
- Encouraging students to establish their projects in the field of fashion and apparel.
- Providing students with the needed expertise to achieve the requirements of the labor market according to the latest technological systems used in the field of fashion and apparel industry.
- Increasing the student's competitiveness by acquiring the skills of using computers and digital technology in design and production.
- Presenting opportunities for student exchange with international institutes, universities and academic institutions.
- Supporting partnership with the productive sectors related to specialization to train and qualify students and employ graduates.
- Maintaining research engagement between the Fashion and Apparel department, fashion houses and apparel factories to solve designing and production problems.
- Communicating with local and international companies to develop the Egyptian fashion industry system.
- Establishing cooperation between the department and related community institutions in order to serve the community and develop the environment.
- Supporting the system of achieving quality and providing the appropriate educational environment to improve the mechanisms of education and scientific research in the department.

Graduates’ career fields IN

- Fashion and apparel products designer.
- Fashion and image consultants.
- Planning and management of apparel production.
- Apparel marketing and Brand management.
- Quality management of fashion and apparel products.
- Creation of special projects.


Pharmacology and Toxicology Department Major Staff

Prof. Laila A. Abd El-Aziz

Dr. Noha M. Saeed

Dr. Aya Shaheen

Dr. Ahmed Attwa