Bachelor of of Digital Political Science


Digital technologies and social media are revolutionizing the world, and the realm of politics is no exception. Traditional political behaviors, such as voting to issue advocacy to exercising freedom of speech and the press, have been disrupted by these new technologies. International politics and security have also been dramatically transformed, as social movements and terrorist organizations that now have global reach challenge the dominance of traditional nation-states.

The program of Digital Political Science, offered by Egyptian Russian University, is designed to:

  • Provide an opportunity for students to explore how the digital revolution is disrupting power relations and politics.
  • Develop student skills and understanding of digital technology that will open pathways to emerging careers that incorporate social media messaging and analysis, digital data analytics, digital content creation, and mobilization and communication strategy.
  • Connect students with practitioners and experts in an array of professions transformed by digital politics.

A student of bachelor in Digital Political Science will study some minor specific courses. Thus, the student will obtain a B.Sc. in Digital Political Science (major specialization) and Digital Economics (minor specialization). Each course consists of three credit hours. The following is the structure of the Bachelor of Digital Political Science.


Advanced computing department major staff

Dr. Ahmed Zakaria Elbasousy

Sarah Riad