Online Scout’s forum of the Egyptian Russian University “Towards a better Scout vision” 1-3 May 2020

The forum included 16 lecturers from the most powerful Scout leaders in the Egyptian country, with 18 training sessions over the course of three days; During which the forum was divided into two periods a day, the morning period, which is the Scout Excellence competition, and the evening period, training lectures for the Rover’s phase. There were an interaction with 2,657 rovers from different clans. And the clan of the Faculty of Engineering won the first place in the forum.
The University President Prof. Dr. Sherif Fakhry honored the winners of the Scout Excellence competition, In the presence of Prof. Dr. Hana Abdel Rahman – Supervisor of Student Activities and Dr. Marco Fouad – Roving Officer at the Egyptian Russian University and Commissioner of the Advanced Stage, Cairo Boys. Also, the shield of the General Federation of Scouts and Guides was handed over by Mr. Mohamed Abbas – President of the General Federation of Scouts and Guides to Prof. Dr. Sherif Fakhry – President of the Egyptian University.

Towards a better Scout vision

1-3 May 2020