During the midyear vacation, the Egyptian Russian University declares the dates of the student activities. See the conditions for applying.

Dr. Sherif Fakhry, the president of the Egyptian Russian University in Badr City announced that despite the suspension of education; the university administration was keen to communicate with the students during the midyear vacation by continuing student activities among students of the different faculties in the university. This is done by preparing various competitions through the Internet “online” in order to assure the continuation of interaction between students in the artistic and cultural fields to assimilate their creative energies and develop their talents.
Meanwhile, Dr.Hanaa Abdel Rahman, the Pioneer of student activities at the ERU, added that the selection of winners in the competition is going to be done through an opinion poll in which all students of the university’s faculties can vote in the competition. Dr.Hanna noted that valuable prizes have been provided for the first three winners in each competition from the university administration to encourage students to excel and motivate them to succeed. Dr . Hanaa pointed out that the general conditions for the competitions are the following:

1.Applying for the competition should be according to the timetable announced on the university’ official page: https://www.facebook.com/eru.university and the Students’ Union page https://www.facebook.com/ERUStudentUnion.

2.The competitors’ works will be sent to the following email: [email protected]

3- Contestants’ inappropriate works will be excluded before the final lists are declared

4- Voting is done via ‘Google Form’ , and through the official email of each student .

5- Applicants should abide by the conditions of each competition.

6- It is not permissible to participate in more than one competition.

7- Each competitor shall bear the consequences if it is proved that the work he sent to the competition is not his own.

Dr. Hanaa also announced that the competitions are:

The first competition:

” personal skills”, it includes:

“playing and singing, Magic, Free Style, and Football Talents”.

The terms of the competition are:

A) A video of not more than 3 minutes.

B) The participating student performs in front of the camera himself.

The second competition:

“visual Arts”, it includes:

“Design and Graphics”,Photography, Drawing, Arabic calligraphy, and Sculpture,” and the conditions are:

A) The work doesn’t contain any inappropriate   content.

B) The pictures are clear and show the details of the technical work.

C) The number of submitted photos shouldn’t exceed (10) photos for one contestant.

The third competition:

Literary works competition: It includes:

“Poetry, prose, and short story”.

The conditions are:

A) The content will be submitted in a “pdf” file.

B) The number of pages of the short story should not exceed (20) pages.

C)The work doesn’t include any inappropriate content.

The Pioneer of student activities at the Egyptian Russian University stated that the dates for the competitions schedule are shown in the attached table.

The Egyptian Russian University

declares the dates of the student activities