With the participation of the University Chorus The Egyptian-Russian University honors 84 of its excellent students … names and photos included

The Egyptian-Russian University in Badr City celebrated honoring the excellent students in the different academic levels of study at the various faculties of the university. The celebration was held in the “Hall of Prof. Dr. Sherif Helmy, the Founding President of the university” on the university campus. The celebration was attended by the teaching staff and their assistants, in the presence of selected public figures, press and media personnel, and parents.

Prof. Dr. Sherif Fakhry Muhammad Abdel Nabi, President of the Egyptian-Russian University, stated that the university administration honored 84 students who excelled academically in the various faculties of the university at all academic levels for the academic year 2020-2021. He also pointed out that this celebration is in line with the university’s strategy to support and motivate students to continue with their success and scientific excellence, as well as to encourage the rest of the students to follow their footsteps and exert the needed effort to excel. He further stressed that students should possess both the knowledge and the ethics since they are the basis of “success and excellence” and building nations. Prof. Dr. Sherif in the end wished all a prosperous future and an active participation in developing the society and achieving sustainable development of our beloved country, Egypt.

In the same context, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ihab Fattouh, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Egyptian-Russian University, invited all students to manage their time well among the different student activities and studying whether in the theoretical lectures or in the practical studies in the labs, so that they become outstanding graduates. He also pointed out that the faculty administration provides a suitable environment of quality education for the students to help them “succeed and excel” so that they are capable of meeting the needs of the job market on the local, regional, and international levels.

From his side, Prof. Dr. Khaled Tawfik, Dean of the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine at the Egyptian-Russian University, said that he is glad for honoring this large number of excellent students. He also sent his salutation to the honored students and their parents and families attending the celebration who spent nights and showed great support to their sons and daughters till they stood on the stage as honorees for academic excellence. In addition, he alluded that all students should arms themselves with both the knowledge and the good morals, being the basis of the success and the elevation of the society.   

Along the same line, Prof. Dr. Alaa El Batsh, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the Egyptian-Russian University, expressed his appreciation to the top students for their academic excellence. He also greeted their parents who guided them to reach this success. He noted that the Faculty of Engineering is characterized by having multiple programs and tracks, which are indispensable for any facility, whether administrative, commercial, economic, private, or governmental. It also qualifies students to work as freelance engineers.  

Prof. Dr. El Tahra El Sayed Hamiyah, Dean of the Faculty of Management, Professional Technology and Computers at the Egyptian-Russian University, stated that the outstanding students at the Faculty of Management, Professional Technology and Computers had previously been honored in a previous event.

From her side, Dr. Hanaa Abdel Rahman, Head of Student Activities at the Egyptian-Russian University and the organizer of the event, advised students to actively participate in the student activities due to their major role in building the character of the university student and enhancing his/her skills, a complementary part of the education process. She revealed the names of the honorees who are as follows:


Faculty of Pharmacy students:

1- Ahmed Abdel Rahim Ahmed

2- Shorouk Syed Abdel Nabi

3- Somaya Hani Tawfik

4- Rana Ibrahim Ahmed

5- Rania Issa Abdullah

6- Tasneem Yasser Muhammad

7- Maryam Osama Helmy

8- Eman Yahya Zakaria

9- Maryam Abdullah Abdel Naim

10- Esraa Ahmed Fawzy

11- Maryam Muhammad Abdel Aty

12- Moamen Salah Fath

13- Mennat Allah Hamid Abdel Rahman

14- Manar Hamada Muhammad

15- Abdel Salam Essam Mustafa

16- Mennat Allah Mosaad Muhammad

17- Marwa Ismail Abdelaziz

18- Naglaa Hosni Saeed

19- Mayar Ahmed Muhammad

20- Muhammad Abdel Monsef Wahbi

21- Madonna Gad Isaac

22- Ruqayya Yasser Muhammad

23- Alzahraa Abdullah Musa

24- Eman Sobhi Ali

25- Nada El Arabi Gharib

26- Youssef Ayman Ragab

27- Monica Medhat Tadros

28- Abdul Rahman Khaled Saad El Din

29- Nada Hassan Ali Abdel Gawad

30- Shaima Alaa Abdel Aziz

31- Mona Zaki El Sayed Abu Zeid

32- Amira El Adawi Ahmed

33- Asmaa El Sayed Emara

34- Ahmed Ayman Mustafa

35- Omar Hisham Hassan Mahmoud


Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine students:

1- Alshaimaa Khalid Ali

2- Amany Hassan Ebeid

3- Shaimaa Hamza Abdel Moneim

4- Mahmoud Maher Abdullah

5- Aya Ramadan El Sayed

6- Mennat Allah Tarek Muhammad

7- Abdulrahman Ahmed El Saeed

8- Yassin El Saeed El Gabri

9- Nouran Ahmed Ibrahim

10- Alaa Mohsen Muhammad

11- Khaled Muhammad Mahmoud

12- Amira Yasser Muhammad

13- Amal Muhammad Ahmed

14- Yara Talaat Abdel Hamid

15- Ahmed Maher Ahmed

16- Afnan Muhammad El Saeed

17- Aliaa Hisham Youssef

18- Abdullah Muhammad Khalaf

19- Nada Muhammad Hamed

20- Sherin Ashraf Ahmed

21- Manar Muhammad Ramadan

22- Muhammad Sayed Abdel Moneim

23- Tasneem Samir Muhammad Metwally


Faculty of Engineering students:

1- Muhammad Hatem Ahmed

2- Suhaila Ahmed Mabrouk

3- Muhannad Hassan Adam

4- Abdullah Atef Hanafi

5- Mirna Rifaat Daoud

6- Adham Muhammad Mahmoud

7- Ahmed Youssef Muhammad

8- Abdul Rahman Awad Mahmoud

9- Mustafa Ahmed Abdel Wahab

10- Muhammad Ali Abdel Wahab

11- Hisham Sabry Ghandour

12- Aya Salah Mamoun

13- Eman Muhammad Abdel Fattah

14- Kyrollos Emad Ibrahim

15- Eman Sameh Abdul Rahman

16- Miral Muhammad Gamal

17- Yaroub Tarek Ebeid

18- Manar Ramadan Abdel Ghani

19- Huda Abdel Nasser Hussein

20- Nada Wael Azab

21- Fatima Shaaban Mahmoud

22- Mazen Ayman Salah

23- Tasnim Ahmed El Sayed

24- Eman El Sayed Abdel Baqi

25- Maha Muhammad Abdel Khalek

26- Christine Habib George


It is worth mentioning that the chorus of the Egyptian-Russian University led the ceremony of honoring the excellent students, which spread an atmosphere of joy among the audience. Note also that the chorus team is preparing for their participation at the tenth season of “Ibda’a Festival,” organized by the “Ministry of Youth and Sports.” The chorus of the Egyptian-Russian University consists of the following members:

1- Ayman Serag El Din Zabadi

2- Ahmed Atef Abdel Samee

3- Sameh Atef Muhammad Kamel

4- Abdul Rahman Ali Shuaib Ali

5- Antoine Alber Zaki Garas

6- Michael Maged Adib

7- Nadine Mahmoud Zaki El Maadawy

8- Safinaz Hossam El Sayed Gharib

9- Monica Emile Georgi Mikhail

10- Rana Muhammad Ramadan Muhammad

11- Seif Alaa El Din Abdel Aziz Hassan

12- Ahmed Muhammad Metwally El Sayed

13- Mahmoud Shawky Metwally

14- Muhammad Badr Hassan Muhammad

15- Hossam Muhammad Muhammad Salem

16- Muhammad Ahmed Muhammad Ali Hilal

17- Loay Ismail Mahmoud Ahmed


With the participation of the University Chorus The Egyptian-Russian University honors 84 of its excellent students … names and photos included