German publishing house and 7 International platforms publish a book by a researcher at the Egyptian Russian University.

   Prof. Dr. Sherif Fakhry Abdel Naby, president of the Egyptian Russian University announced that a German publishing house and seven global platforms for international publishing, published a book entitled “ Improving the Performance of Passive Optical Networks for the Internet… A Comprehensive Comparative Study of DBA Algorithms “; It is extracted from the master’s thesis of researcher/ Mohamed Ahmed Maher in the “Department of  Communications Engineering” at the Faculty of Engineering at the Egyptian Russian University. Dr. Sherif indicated that this comes within the framework of the university’s interest in preparing trained manpower capable of working in all specializations, especially in modern Technology and Artificial Intelligence Technology. In addition to giving priority to scientific research and selecting research points that find solutions to some societal problems. Moreover, it helps in creating a stimulating work environment for researchers, so that they can achieve success, distinction and desired goals to serve society and the state, in line with the university’s research plan, the national trend for applied researches, Egypt’s national plan for sustainable Development 2030 and the publication in scientific journals which contributes to the advancement of the international ranking of the university in international rankings.

   In a related context, Prof. Dr. Alaa El- Batsh, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the Egyptian Russian University stated that the German publishing house in which it was published is: “ GRIN” and the seven global platforms are: “ GRIN, Walmart, Better World Books, Thrift Books, Google Play Books, Barnes& Noble, and Amazon”, one of the global platforms for international publishing. Pointing out that the book is sold in international markets in electronic and hard copies.

Dr. Shimaa Mustafa, Head of the Communications Engineering Department, added that the scientific importance of the book is due to its dealing with the topic of optical fibers with their unique characteristics and advanced features in terms of high speed, data security, availability of raw materials and small size, which makes them the backbone and foundation of the modern information and communication technology infrastructure that is characterized by speed and reliability. It is recommended to use this technology in integrating optical fibers and WIMAX networks and integrating optical fibers and liFi networks, which are wireless networks that depend on the light emitted by LED bulbs to transmit data and are characterized by high speed and high quality.

   It is worth noting that the researcher, Engineer/ Mohamed Ahmed Maher Awad Soliman, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications Engineering from the Egyptian Russian University in ( 2011), and the first in his class in the College of Engineering at the university, and was appointed as a teaching assistant in the Communications Engineering Department. He obtained a master’s degree from the “Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport, the League of Arab States” in (2016). He is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Menouf, Menoufia University, and has published a number of research papers in conferences and scientific journals for bodies such as: “IEEE”, “Springer”, and the Japanese African  International Conference.



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German publishing house and 7 International platforms publish a book by a researcher at the Egyptian Russian University.