The Egyptian Russian University reveals the addition of new modern programs in the Faculty of Management, Economics, and Business Technology …… with pictures.

Prof. Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abd- El- Nabi, president of the Egyptian Russian University “ERU”, announced that the “Supreme Council of the Universities and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research” had approved the opening of new study programs in the “Faculty of Management, Economics and Business Technology” at the university, which are: the Digital Banking services and Financial Technology program, the Digital Political Science Program, the Marketing Intelligence Program, the Supply Chain Program. Noting that the activation of these programs was carried out with the support of Dr. Mohamed Kamal Mustafa, Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees.

   The president of the Egyptian Russian University “ERU” pointed out that these new programs were developed in response to the rapid developments taking place in the region and the world in the economy and the business environment in general. These programs will be taught to students starting from the next academic year (2022 – 2023), in addition to the programs offered by the college, which are:

Business Administration in four specializations:

– Management, Marketing, Human Resource Mangement, and Finance/ Investment.

– Accounting

– Economy

– political Science

Business Technology, in two specializations:

Business Analysis Science and Management Information Systems.

   Prof. Dr. Tahra Mohamed Himya, Dean of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Business Technology at the Egyptian Russian University “ERU” revealed that the college will start the next academic year (2022/2023) to accept students for the new academic programs of the college, which depend on the interdisciplinary programs; To meet the needs of the labor market “local, regional, and international” in line with the directions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which emphasized interest in interdisciplinary programs to meet labor requirements.

   She indicated that the new programs include the following:

First: Digital Banking Services and Financial Technology.

The Digital Banking Services and Financial Technology “DBF” program is designed; To help students develop both banking and fintech skills; To work in professions that can deal with banking management and financial technology; To meet different business objectives. Students enrolled in the program will gain applied financial skills; To excel in digitally advanced workplaces, including:

  • Developing an understanding of modern financial markets from risk management and digital banking to financial technology, blockchain and crypto assets.
  • Gaining solid foundations in accounting principles, finance and investment theories.
  • Exploring specific aspects of accounting and econometrics.
  • Developing programming skills used in digital banking and finance.
  • Learning to make good business decisions through real- world problem- solving practices.
  • Developing and understanding the analytical aspects of banking, financial markets, crypto economics, and banking operations.

Graduates of the “DBF” program will be able to work in:

Financial Technology Analyst, Business Data Analyst, Technology Risk Manager, Software Developer, Digital Bank Account Manager and Blockchain Developer.

Second: Marketing Intelligence

The Marketing Intelligence program joined the programs currently being taught in the college for Business Technology specialization, which are the two programs of Business Analysis and Management Information Systems to graduate students familiar with all the necessary skills and knowledge, which enable them to deal effectively with the marketing and electronic environment and integrate them together. In addition to enable them to use means, equipment, tools and social media effectively.

   The Marketing Intelligence (MKI) program caters to the growing demand for graduates with the skills to analyze and model data(secondary, large) to track organizations marketing performance and create new customer insights; Use the information and insights generated by the marketing profile and data science as a basis for making research- based strategic and tactical marketing decisions.

   The Marketing Intelligence Program “MKI” is a multidisciplinary program with a focus on modern tools and methods developed for descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics rather than being a comprehensive scientific discipline across several disciplines across tools and techniques developed for descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics. The offers a Bachelor’s degree in Business with a special focus on data analysis applications to solve problems related to marketing decisions.

   Students learn how to obtain, analyze and use marketing data, display data using modern visualization techniques, and will be introduced to the latest data analysis software.

   Graduates of this program are qualified to work as marketing analysts or brand planners, marketing intelligence analysts, digital marketing specialists, marketing research analysts, studying and understanding customer requirements specialists, digital or social media analysts, and business technology support personnel in both local and multinational companies.

Third: Digital Political Science

   The Faculty of Management, Economics and Business Technology at the Egyptian Russian University is unique for the first time in Egyptian Universities for the next academic year (2022- 2023) with the Digital Political Science Program, a study program that was prepared on the basis of the “multidisciplinary approach” where it became very important to pay attention to the interdisciplinary programs. As digital technologies and social media have brought about a global revolution and the world of politics is no exception. Also traditional political behaviors such as voting, defending rights and practicing freedom of opinion and expression have changed due to these new technologies as well as international politics and security have changed dramatically, as social movements and terrorist organizations who have global influence challenge the dominance of traditional national – states. Therefore, the Digital Political Science Program, offered by the Egyptian Russian University is designed to:

– provide an opportunity for students to explore how this digital revolution is changing power relations and politics.

– Develop students’ skills and understanding of digital technology that will open pathways for emerging careers that include social media and analysis, digital data analytics, digital political content creation, mobilization and mass communication strategies.

– Connect students with practitioners and experts in a range of professions transformed by digital politics.

   The Digital Political Science Program provides students with theoretical and applied knowledge to develop practical and marketable skills that will help them pursue a number of career paths in:

Diplomatic Bodies: “embassies and consulates, international organizations, non- governmental national and international organizations, intellectual and research institutes, agencies, ministries, governmental offices, and civil service departments.

Fourth: Supply Chains

   Starting from the academic year (2022-2023). The Supply Chain program will join the list of business administration programs “Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Management” its latest program is the Supply Chain program, where logistics and supply chain management is a major technology- based industry that is growing rapidly as all companies need to effective detailed and flexible planning to ensure that supply chains and production systems are well managed. Students in this new program gain a comprehensive knowledge of business management and supply chain fundamentals. In addition to gaining essential skills in logistics and project management. The students also will understand supply chain strategy, and how international supply chains operate, and how to create and manage sustainable supply chains.

   Graduates of this program have the distinction of being present in many career paths, including “major companies, shipping and supply companies, ports and airports, logistics management companies, unloading companies, quality departments, international organizations for quality, international labor organizations and others.”

The Egyptian Russian University reveals the addition of new modern programs in the Faculty of Management, Economics, and Business Technology …… with pictures.