The Faculty of Engineering at the Egyptian Russian University has unveiled its graduates’ career fields

Dr. Alaa El-Batsh, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the Egyptian Russian University, announced that the faculty currently has four distinct engineering programs that meet the needs of the local and international labor market and the faculty owns developed laboratories and workshops. In addition, the scientific degrees granted by the “Faculty of Engineering” are approved by: “The Supreme Council of Universities, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research” and all the faculty’s programs are accredited by the “Union of Arab Engineers”.  Noting that these programs were carefully selected under the auspices of the Board of Trustees and the support of Dr. Mohamed Kamal El-Sayed Mustafa, Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees, under the supervision and the follow-up of Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abdulnabi, the President of the University.

Firstly, The Dean of the Faculty added that one of the most important features of the “Communication Engineering Program” is the presence of distinguished academic and research staff from the faculty members and the teaching assistants, on one hand. On the other hand, the university’s agreements with major institutions in the field of information and communication technology in order to build students’ capabilities and gain them The skills necessary for the labor market, including an agreement with the international company “Huawei” and the establishment of the Huawei Academy at the university under the supervision of professors and lecturers from the department of Communications Engineering, as well as signing a memorandum of understanding with the Egyptian Space Agency for cooperation in the field of engineering and technology of space and satellites and the establishment of a research laboratory for satellites In cooperation with the Egyptian Space Agency. Keeping pace with the labor market, the department has increased and developed summer trainings for students and graduates in various fields related to the department.  

Dr. Alaa Al-Batsh mentioned that the department of Communications specifically , which has advanced laboratories with  the best modern technologies equipment, and the other departments generally participate in community awareness with the Children’s University in cooperation with the Academy of Scientific Research. In addition to holding exhibitions periodically for each semester to present students’ projects and in the presence of representatives from: “The Syndicate of Engineers and major companies specialized in the field of communications sciences”. In these exhibitions, sophisticated graduation projects are implemented and their students receive financial support from the Academy of Scientific Research and the Space Agency. Moreover the graduates are contacted to be familiar with the requirements of the labor market and to provide academic and technical support for the latest findings of scientific research in the field of communications. The program’s graduates career fields include:

1-Governmental and private telecommunications companies such as Vodafone, Etisalat, Orange

2- Multiple companies in the field of communication sciences, designing and managing networks of all kinds, small, medium and large.

3- Engineering companies with various specializations, international and local, and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

4- The field of academic education.

5- Specialized police officers.

Secondly, the “Architectural Engineering Program” in the faculty supports the integration of the educational and service process by providing a distinguished study regulation that allows its graduates to compete in the various areas of work related to architecture “locally and regionally”, and to provide unique community services in this area under the umbrella of international quality systems to contribute to achieving sustainable development within the framework of professional responsibility and community partnership.

Dr. Alaa Al-Batsh explained that the “Architecture Program” in the Department of Architecture aims to enhance and improve awareness and understanding of “local and global” architecture focusing on environmental design and the ability of a graduate of the architecture program to prepare and implement architectural designs that fit environmental requirements using modern technologies. He pointed out that the areas of work of Architectural Engineering graduates are as follows:

1- Design Engineer, Site Engineer, Executive Drawing Designer, Architectural Documenter, City Design and Layout, 3D Perspective Designer, Structural Control, Architectural Technical Management, Architectural Researcher.

2- A project Coordinator and Planner, Architectural Development Engineer at the commercial or industrial level

3- Work in an architectural engineering institution, or the preservation and restoration of historical buildings and residences.

Thirdly, the “Construction Engineering Program” in the faculty is characterized by the application of technological and scientific knowledge in the planning, managing, construction and restoration of facilities such as: “buildings, highways, bridges, airports, factories, and reservoirs.” Construction engineering combines the specializations of civil engineering and project management. Construction engineering and project management provide a mixture of controls and management in the implementation of projects and the program provides the opportunity for those enrolled in it to expand their awareness and experience to work in many companies in one of the following specializations:

  • Design Engineer, lays down the basics and details of many construction projects such as administrative buildings, industrial buildings, airports, residential buildings, roads, bridges, water facilities, coastal facilities, utilities and dams.
    • Execution Engineer, implements and coordinates the various construction operations on the site.
    • Technical Office Engineer, surveys quantities, design and prepare project models, drawings, specifications and quantities.
    • Survey Engineer, carriess out surveying operations for all types of construction projects.
    • Costing Engineer, estimates detailed costs and budgets for designs and implementations based on knowledge and pre-design processes, estimates materials and other resource requirements.
    • Planning and Scheduling Engineer, plans and controls the plan in relation to the timing and follow-up of construction activities and operations.
    • Quality Control and Quality Assurance Engineer, ensures that construction project items and construction processes conform to specifications and standards.
    • Project Control and Follow-up Engineer, reviews the cost and time performance of the project during the construction process.
    • Contracts Engineer, reviews contract terms for the project and prepares change orders and claims.
    • An Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance Engineer, works on reviewing project implementation to ensure health and safety standards.
    • Building Information Modeling Engineer, works on preparing models, drawings, quantities and business specifications.

Last but not least, the “Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering Program” in the faculty, and the mechatronics and robotics engineering specialization is one of the newly emerging disciplines in the Arab region, and it is a mixture of four engineering disciplines: “Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Control, Computer Science and Programming.” According to the Dean. It is worth noting that the “Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering Program” aims at completing all mechanical operations in equipment, cars, devices and machines, which were previously performed by humans so that these operations are done automatically through a program or commands that are fed into the machine or the equipment to raise operating efficiency, improve product quality, reduce cost, save effort, and prevent human errors. Therefore, the program provides the graduate with best and most prominent areas of work in the local and international market in terms of material and moral situation. These areas expand to include tens of thousands of jobs in factories and companies whether locally, regionally and internationally, in all engineering fields.

The Faculty of Engineering at the Egyptian Russian University has unveiled its graduates’ career fields