In celebration of the beginning of the study, the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Egyptian-Russian University offers a reduction in fees

Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abdel Nabi, President of the Egyptian-Russian University (ERU), announced that the door for admission to the “Faculty of Fine Arts” at the university has been opened to receive a new batch of students graduated from “General Secondary schools, Al-Azhar schools, or equivalent Arab and foreign certificates”. The university welcomes the visit of those who wish to get acquainted with the faculty inside the campus in “Badr City”. He pointed out that the study is being carried out with the support of Dr. Mohamed Kamal Mustafa, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

The President of the ERU added that the university administration has approved the reduction in the fees of the “Faculty of Fine Arts” by a discount of 25% of the basic fees for the academic year 2022-2023 in celebration of the opening of the faculty. He stated that the university has been committed to establish a distinguished faculty in light of a changing world characterized by technological developments that contributed to the addition of tools and techniques that opened the way for the emergence of new art forms that exceeded the limits of the genres of traditional fine arts. Also, the needs of the labor market were studied when building the faculty’s academic structure with its scientific departments, to allow the faculty to prepare students who have the ability to imagine everything new and innovate successful and effective design solutions in real life. The faculty also seeks to link students with professional opportunities in the fields of fine arts and design in their local, regional, and global surroundings.

In the same context, Dr. Mohamed Orabi, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the ERU, stressed that the faculty prepares artists and designers with diverse competitive creative abilities that contribute seriously to enriching our world with innovations that feed into the paths of community development in its various dimensions. In addition, the faculty grants the Bachelor of Fine Arts in the following distinguished disciplines:

  • Digital Media Arts Department in the following areas:
  • Animation
  • Digital Games & Entertainment Design
  • Motion Design
  • Environmental Design Department in the following areas:
  • Architecture & Landscape Design
  • Interior Architecture & Furnishing
  • Scenography
  • Visual Arts Department in the following areas:
  • Painting & Mixed Media
  • Sculpture & Installation
  • Printmaking
  • Photography
  • Toys & Model Games Design.
  • Visual Communication Arts Department in the following areas:
  • Advertising Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration

The study at the faculty is characterized by the fact that it includes courses that prepare the graduate for the work environment in these fields, whether as a member of a team or as an independent employer.

The Dean of the faculty also stated that in addition to the main specialization, the student studies a secondary specialization that increases his/her experiences necessary for the labor market.  Also, field training is mandatory as a graduation condition, to train students directly to be in contact with the labor market. It is worth mentioning that the graduate of the Environmental Design program joins the Syndicate of Interior Designers and the Syndicate of Fine Arts. Moreover, graduates of digital media arts (animation, motion design, entertainment design, and digital games) can participate in the Syndicate of Animation Artists.

The Dean pointed out that the faculty contains technical and technological equipment with standard specifications, including: Media Studios, consisting of radio and audio production studio, TV and virtual reality studio, phonography, photography, social media, sunken, flat, and wire screen printing studio, 3D modeling studio, containing 3D scanner, 3D printer and other accessories and equipment, sculpture and porcelain studio, painting and digital media labs, design studios, and an open studio.

In celebration of the beginning of the study, the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Egyptian-Russian University offers a reduction in fees