The faculty of Fine Arts at the Egyptian Russian University announces the fields of work of its graduates …. Photos

Prof. Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abdel-Nabi, president of the Egyptian Russian University “ERU”, declared that the “Faculty of Fine Arts” at the university has received a new class of students graduated from “secondary school, Al-Azhar, or equivalent Arab and foreign certificates.”. The university welcomes those who desire to Join the faculty and get acquainted with it inside the university campus in “Badr City”, bearing in mind that the university administration has agreed to reduce the fees of the “College of Fine Arts” at a 25% from the basic fees for the academic year (2022-2023) on the occasion of the opening of the college.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Orabi, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Egyptian Russian University “ERU”, stated that the minimum requirement for applying to the college was announced, which is 55%, whereby a student can obtain a bachelor’s degree after (5) years of study using the credit-hour system, explaining that the university provides students with practical training opportunities during the academic study period; to ensure that students acquire practical and professional experience on the ground so as to enable them, after graduating, to work independently and to become entrepreneurs in their specializations.

Dr. Mohamed Orabi stressed that the faculty aims to prepare qualified human cadres capable of serving their society and competing in the local, regional and international labor markets, and contributing to the sustainable development of the Egyptian economy by offering comprehensive academic programs. He revealed that the college awards a “Bachelor of Fine Arts” in The following main specializations:

1- Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media Arts in the following fields:

  • Animation.
  • Digital Game & Entertainment Design.
  • Motion Design.

2- Bachelor of Fine Arts in Environmental Design in the following fields:

  • Architecture & Landscape Design.
  • Interior Architecture & Furnishing.
  • Scenography.

3- Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts in the following fields:

  • Painting & Mixed Media.
  • Sculpture & Installation
  • Printmaking
  • Photography.

4- Bachelor of Fine Arts in designing toys and model games design.

5- Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Arts

The Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Egyptian Russian University “ERU” explained that the fields of work of the graduates of the college are:

  • Advertising Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustrations.
  • Interior designer for residential and specialized buildings such as museums, hotels, tourist resorts, restaurants and their furnishing as well as a designer for the spaces surrounding the buildings, the public site, and spacious areas such as gardens, parks, tourist villages and resorts, and an interior designer for cinema, theater and television.
  • Digital illustrator in the fields of: cinema, 2D and 3D animation.
  • Animation engine.
  • Animation director.
  • Designer of digital games and entertainment films.
  • Directing and designing characters, costumes, decorations and other filmmaking tasks.
  • Designer of dolls and stereoscopic games in the fields of life for different ages, starting from early childhood to adult games, puppets, as well as for the education industry and puppet theatre.
  • Motion designer using modern digital applications.
  • Contemporary visual artist, (plastic artist) in the fields of: “Art of photography and multimedia, sculpture and installation in space, art of photography, art of engraving and printing”.
  • Designer and director of advertisement design.
  • Professional digital website designer on the Internet.
  • Professional designer and illustrator in various fields that need illustrations “backgrounds, characters, and environments”.
  • A faculty member or the assisting staff in universities in the fields of arts and sciences.

Dr. Mohamed Orabi indicated that preparing students for the labor market is done through an educational system that allows them to specialize in “major and secondary,” and through the academic guidance system within the college, faculty members overcome any obstacles facing the student, and work to form and develop the student’s cognitive and technical skills. Student exchange programs are underway to allow part of the academic study to be completed abroad. The college offers graduates the opportunity to join the Syndicate of plastic Artists.

The faculty of Fine Arts at the Egyptian Russian University announces the fields of work of its graduates …. Photos