Egyptian Russian University students win the Young Leaders Marathon.

Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abdel Nabi, President of the Egyptian Russian University, announced that a student team from the Faculty of Management, Economics and Business Technology at the university got the first place in the “Young Leaders Marathon” competition in the field of Human Resources which was held by the John Gerhart Center for Community Giving, Participation and social responsibility at the American University in Cairo. He pointed out that the students’ delegation participated under the sponsorship and support of Dr. Mohamed Kamal El-Sayed Mostafa, Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees.

Dr Sherif stated that the competition aimed to select 48 young people to form 16 teams of the Egyptian public and private university students. Several workshops were presented to the students to enable them to design and implement initiatives that solve three basic challenges facing Americana Company in the areas of supply chains, providing Resources, especially energy, improving the procedures of the human resources department, and the challenges of the financial department. He noted that the team of university students who won the first place were able to present an initiative to reach the administration’s main goal, which is obtaining the maximum level of enhancement and effectiveness across the human resources functions in Egypt. In addition, they created an automated solution that would help the human resources team to deal effectively with Employee inquiries, addressing and consolidating their needs, increasing their productivity and motivating them. The university president affirmed that this victory came to culminat the great effort exerted by the students, to work the knowledge and concepts they acquired during their university studies and to teach them the skills of designing and writing project proposals, and the skills of presenting professional presentations.

In the same context, Dr. El Tahra El-Sayed Hemiya, Dean of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Business Technology at the Egyptian Russian University, explained that in the first “Young Leaders Marathon” qualifiers, 12 teams were selected at the level of all Egyptian universities, including three teams of the university students. In March, it was announced that the university students won the first place amid strong competitions between public and private universities students participating in the competition.

The Dean indicated that the university students succeeded in acheiving the first place in the Marathon among the 10 teams of public and private universities, including more than 500 contestants. It is worth mentioning that the coordination within the university was carried out by Dr. Engy Raouf, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Business Technology for Education and Student Affairs.

Moreover, the dean declared that the number of students who participated in the competition from the university at the beginning was 35 students from the faculties of “Management and Engineering”, and after the first liquidation, the number of participating students reached 9 students until the competition ended with the victory of one team consisting of 3 students from the Faculty of Management, Economics and Business Technology. The winning team students are:
– Nouran Ashour, fourth year student: “Marketing Department”.
– Nouran Magdy, fourth year student: “Department of Finance.”
– Omar Ahmed, fourth year: “Department of Finance.”

As for the distinctive students who reached the last stage in the same competition, they are:
– Gannatullah Asaad, third year student “Department of Business Analysis.”
– Ahmed Muhammad Al-Laithi, fourth year student “Department of Finance.”
– Suhaila Ahmed, second year “Department of Communications Engineering.”
-Karim Al-Shater, fourth year student “Department of Economics.”
-Abdul Qadir Hosni, fourth year student, “Department of Economics.”

Egyptian Russian University students win the Young Leaders Marathon.