Under the title of Medicinal Plants and their Role in Protecting Society. The Egyptian Russian University, Faculty of Pharmacy organizes the Scientific Conference of Pharmacognosy .

Dr. Sherif Fakhry Abd El – Nabi, president of the Egyptian Russian University, announced that the Department of Pharmacognosy at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University organized the Scientific Conference on Pharmacognosy under the title “Medicinal Plants and Their Role in Protecting Society”. The conference comes within the framework of keenness to achieve educational outcomes, stimulate scientific research among students, and provide all possible means to develop the capabilities and skills of students and faculty members; and the exchange of ideas, visions and scientific research with its modern technology between researchers from inside and outside the universities. It also opens areas of cooperation with giant companies in the field of pharmaceutical industry, especially medicinal plant products. Dr. Sherif pointed out that the conference was held in the large conference hall “Dr. Sherif Helmy Hall” and with the support of Dr. Mohamed Kamal Mustafa, Chairman of the University Board of Trustees.
For his part, Dr. Essam Khamis, Vice President of the Egyptian Russian University, stated that these important conferences allow students to develop presentation skills, encourage them to engage in teamwork, and build work teams that can work with each other, especially in the field of scientific research. It also develop in them the spirit of one team to prepare a graduate suitable for the local and international labor market, capable of continuous innovation. Revealing that “Medicinal Plants” are widely available in most Arab countries, which makes the countries of the region qualified for a promising future in the field of producing these plants, which is the future of pharmaceutical industry in developed countries. Business incubators and emerging companies inside the universities of “third and fourth” generation contribute to this.
Dr. Essam Khamis added, in his speech, that the Faculty of Pharmacy is considered one of the most active university faculties in scientific research, as the total number of the faculty’s researches has reached 369 published in internationally indexed journals out of a total of 700 researches published by the University, with a rate of 52.7% since its establishment in 2006. He recommended that the researchers in the college pay attention to conducting researches concerned with achieving sustainable development in its three dimensions: “economic,social, and environmental”.
In the same context, Dr. Mohamed Egan Fattouh, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Egyptian Russian University, confirmed during his opening speech that the “Scientific Conference of the Department of Pharmacognosy” comes within the college’s policies to develop the skills of students, increase the experiences of faculty members, and link practical side to the study. Noting that the “Department of Pharmacognosy” in the college follows up every thing new in the field of medicinal plants, and the latest findings of scientific research to inform faculty members, the assistant staff and students of the college about it; to prepare a graduate who is able to keep pace with the local labor market and the requirements and needs of international labor market.
For her part, Dr. Omima El- Gindi, Head of the Department of Pharmacognosy at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Egyptian Russian University thanked the faculty members of the faculty who organized the “Scientific Conference of the Department of Pharmacognosy”. This is due to their keenness to continue holding this conference every year. She explained that the aim of the conference is to achieve cooperation between faculty members from different universities and students, exchange information in the field of “Medicinal Plants”, know their benefits, and demonstrate the importance of the different types of these plants and their multiple useful uses in daily life.
The “Scientific Conference of the Department of Pharmacognosy” at the Faculty of Pharmacy on the campus was attended by: Dr. Maher El- Domyati, Head of the Pharmaceutical Studies Sector at the Supreme Council of Universities, Former Governor of Beni Swef and Former President of Zagazig University, Dr. And El- Nasser Sengab, Former Vice President of Ain Shams University for Postgraduate Research Affairs, founder and Head of Drug Exploration Research Center at Ain Shams University and Head of the Egyptian Pharmacists Syndicate. Dr. Safest Ahmed, Professor of Pharmacognosy at Suez Canal University and the Head of Ismailia Pharmacists Syndicate, Dr. Azalea El- Shafei, Professor of Pharmacognosy at Zagazig University, Dr. Amani Kamal, Professor of Pharmacognosy and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy for Postgraduate Studies and Research at Suez Canal University. Dr. Khaled Meslhy, professor of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University.
A lecture was given on the connection of artificial intelligence with the development of medicinal plants and their uses in treating diseases. The conference was also attended by a large number of deans of faculties, faculty members and students at the University, and they participated in presenting their researches within the activities of the conference. The Arab Company for Medicines and Medicinal Plants(MEPACO) and the Medical Professions Company (MUP) contributed to the conference and presented in- kind gifts from their products.

Under the title of Medicinal Plants and their Role in Protecting Society. The Egyptian Russian University, Faculty of Pharmacy organizes the Scientific Conference of Pharmacognosy