Sumo Robot competition at the Egyptian Russian University .

Within the framework of encouraging collective competitive scientific competitions, and under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Sherif Fakhry, President of the Egyptian Russian University, and in the preparation and organization of the Huawei Academy at the Egyptian Russian University, the activities of the “Sumo Robot” competition were held, under the supervision of Dr. Tamer Saleh, Executive Director of the Huawei Academy of the Egyptian Russian University And a teacher at the College of Engineering, Department of Communications Engineering. The competition aims to hone students’ skills and establish creative generations capable of keeping pace with the massive technological development and developments in the digital age, as well as qualifying them for modern jobs in the labor market.
The launch of the competition was witnessed by the deans, heads of departments and a number of representatives of the Egyptian Space Agency, headed by Eng. Abeer Salah (Training Director and Assistant Chairman of the Board), and Dr. Karama Ali (Director of Networks and Information Systems and Member of the Board of Directors). The competition also witnessed a large number of university students.
The activities began with receiving the competing teams at the university theater and giving the necessary guidance and emphasizing the rules of the competition. Then, the competition was held in the College of Engineering building. The competition took place in two circuits, one of which was judged by Dr. Mohamed Maher (teacher in the Department of Communications Engineering), and the other was judged by Eng. Youssef Fawzy (assistant teacher in the Department of Mechatronics and Robotics).
The rounds of the competition ended with three teams winning:
First place Robostorm: Mohamed Ayman + Hamed Samir + Ahmed Wajih + Ahmed Ashraf + Ammar Abdel Halim
Second place: Team x Karim Ahmed + Ahmed El Shafei + Ahmed Ayman + Abdel Majeed Mohamed + Fatima Al Zahraa
Third place mythicals: Ahmed Ibrahim + Mennat Allah Al-Wardani + Muhammad Ahmed + Islam Hossam El-Din

The audience praised the level of students and their efficiency in manufacturing competing robots

Sumo Robot competition at the Egyptian Russian University