A Celebration called "we complement each other" for the second year consecutively at the Egyptian Russian University .

In order to consolidate the role of the university and its social responsibility, and to enhance the idea of
​​volunteer work and its role in community development and its reflections on university students, and in
a distinguished festive atmosphere, and under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Sherif Fakhry, President of the
University, the Egyptian Russian University organized a day in which a large number of volunteer
students, members of the Student Union and members of the Board of Directors participated. Teaching
and assisting staff from all the faculties of the Egyptian Russian University, where the Medina House for
Orphans and Charakah Al Khair House for orphans with special needs were hosted.

The celebration included a visit by the children to the Faculty of Pharmacy, where a simplified
presentation was made on the ideal way to wash hands and the importance of personal hygiene.
Gifts were presented to the children, including an antiseptic gel that was specially manufactured by the faculty students for the guest children.

The children also visited the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, where awareness was made about
how to take care of oral and dental hygiene. Children’s teeth were examined in the faculty’s clinics, and
gifts were presented in the form of toothpaste and brochures for drawing and coloring.

The Faculty of Fine Arts also received the children in a festive atmosphere, and a visit was made to the
Faculty’s pottery workshops, and under the supervision of the faculty, made aesthetic
shapes out of clay with their hands, and used their energies to play usefully. The students of the Faculty
of Fine Arts also drew on the faces of the children, which added more happiness to them.

The university students volunteers took the children on a tour of the playgrounds, and some
competitions were held. Some artistic and entertainment shows were also made, and a puppet show
was made to bring joy, pleasure and happiness to the hearts of the children. At the end of the day,
some simple souvenirs were distributed. We hope that we will always meet and repeat these visits
because of their impact on improving the psychological state and raising the morale of children. On
the other hand, developing a sense of responsibility towards others within the hearts of students of
university faculties. It is worth appreciating the effort exerted by everyone who participated in the
implementation of the day’s activities in a good way, from the volunteers from the faculty students as
well as the students of the Scientific Society of the Faculty of Pharmacy EPSF -ERU, and many thanks to
Unilever and the Abu Laban Sweets Company.

A Celebration called "we complement each other" for the second year consecutively at the Egyptian Russian University