ERU Ambassadors: "Distinguished Graduates Forum"

In an initiative to establish effective communication channels between the university and its graduates, and under the sponsorship of Professor Sherif Fakhry, the University President, a meeting was held with some of the outstanding graduates in the job market. The meeting included graduates from the faculties of Pharmacy, Engineering, Dentistry, and Dental Surgery. It was attended by Professor Essam Khamees, the University Vice President, the deans, some faculty members, and Mrs. Ekram Abdelhamid, the University General Secretary.

During the meeting, the university welcomed its alumni and engaged in an open discussion with them about the positions they have held and the suitability of the programs provided by the university for the job market, the skills and abilities they gained during their studies that qualified them for excellence. The discussion also covered the active communication between the university and the graduates, identifying the graduates’ needs for training and continuous education and providing them at the university. Additionally, they discussed the adequacy of student activities and their impact on personal development and skill enhancement to face the job market challenges and to equip them for entrepreneurship.

At the end of the meeting, a mechanism for ongoing communication and linkage among graduates from different faculties of the university was agreed upon. Professor Sherif Fakhry honored the attendees for their distinguished contributions to society, whether professionally, socially, or in entrepreneurship.

The attendees included the following graduates:

  • Samar Ahmed Saad: A pharmacist, responsible for the medical file at the field centers of Hayat Kareema Foundation, a member of the Medical Consultative Council of Hayat Kareema Foundation, a graduate of the Presidential Program for Youth Leadership, Batch Two, a member of the Youth World Forum organizing committee, an accredited trainer for sustainable development from the Ministry of Planning, Economic Development, in cooperation with the National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development, a former member of the Vaccines and Sera Committee at the General Directorate for Infectious Diseases Control, Ministry of Health and Population, and a former member of the Technical Office of the Preventive Medicine Sector Head at the Ministry of Health and Population.
  • Mahmoud Mohamed Nabil El-Shawadfy: A pharmacist, strategic planning consultant, ambassador for sustainable development and a trainer at the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, a strategic management consultant for international brand communication groups, a doctoral researcher in local administration, holds a Master’s degree in strategic management, a diploma in international relations and diplomacy.
  • Mahmoud Mohamed Hosny: The coordinator of pharmaceutical vigilance at the General Authority for Healthcare in Ismailia, a member of the Occupational Health and Safety Management Board at the General Authority for Healthcare in Ismailia, holds a Master’s degree in clinical nutrition from Suez Canal University.
  • Mohamed Hassan Ibrahim Desouky: Chief of Supply, Al-Galaa Military Hospital.
  • Hend Mohamed Madbouli Omar: A pharmacist inspector at the Egyptian Drug Authority.
  • Dr. Abdullah Fathi Radwan: Lecturer of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Faculty of Pharmacy, ERU, holds a mMaster’s degree in Biochemistry from Ain Shams University Faculty of Pharmacy, holds a PhD in Biochemistry from Cairo University Faculty of Pharmacy, holds a master’s degree in Business Administration specializing in Entrepreneurship from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport, a doctoral researcher in business management in the field of strategic planning.
  • Dr. Abdulhameed Abu Bakr Mohamed: Assistant Prof. at the Department of   Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy, ERU.
  • Mohamed Haitham Mohamed Sukkar: Marketing growth manager at Depart Lab, co-founder of LA Viva Health for digital transformation in the Egyptian healthcare sector, founder of 180 Agency for advertising and marketing.
  • Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Maher Awad Suleiman: Assistant Prof. at the Communication Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, ERU, and head of the Scientific Society for Communications, Electronics, and Artificial Intelligence at ERU Faculty of Engineering.
  • Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Fadeel: Project development engineer at Petrojet.
  • Mohamed Hesham Tawfik: Project manager at Tafaseel for Engineering Constructions.
  • Abdel Rahman Mustafa Fathi Abdel Khalek: Founder and owner of Allen Company for Transportation and Travel.
  • Mahmoud Kamel Ateya: Executive engineer at Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant, Vinsma’s, Russian Nuclear Energy Authority.
  • Dr. Mahmoud Atef Fathy Hafez Owais: Assistant lecturer at the Conservative Dentistry Department, ERU Faculty of Dentistry.

ERU Ambassadors: "Distinguished Graduates Forum"