About the methods of applying to the Egyptian Russian University for high school graduates.

Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abdelnaby, President of the Egyptian Russian University, announced that the university campus is ready to receive Egyptian students who have a high school diploma or its equivalent from Arabic, foreign, Azhar and STEM schools, and Arab and foreign students or transferees from other universities and institutes who wish to enroll in university faculties in The university campus in “Badr City” in Cairo Governorate, under the auspices of Dr. Mohamed Kamal El-Sayed Mostafa, Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees.

The President of the Egyptian Russian University in Cairo explained that the university includes (8) faculties, namely: “Pharmacy, Engineering, Oral and Dental Medicine, Management, Economics and Business Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Applied Arts, Fine Arts, Alsun and Technical Languages.

Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abdel Nabi added that the university is an active member of the Association of Arab Universities, and it has cooperation agreements with many distinguished Russian universities, which allows the student of the Faculty of Engineering to obtain two degrees, one from the Egyptian-Russian University and the other from the Russian University – during the same number of normal study years. This helps to compete locally and internationally in various fields of work, and all study programs within the College of Engineering are accredited by the “Union of Arab Engineers”; This allows graduates to work in Arab countries that require this.

The President of the Egyptian Russian University in Cairo indicated that the university has concluded several cooperation agreements with major scientific institutions to develop students’ technical capabilities that qualify them to face future challenges of the labor market, and to keep pace with the requirements of the state’s vision in its plan for (2030), including a joint cooperation protocol with the “Huawei” company. The global “Huawei Academy” on campus, as well as a joint cooperation protocol between the “Faculty of Engineering” at the university and the Egyptian Space Agency, to participate in the implementation of an educational satellite project, and a memorandum of understanding was signed with the “Egyptian Space Agency” in “ November 2019, for cooperation in the field of space and satellite engineering and technology, within the framework of the university’s plan to build capabilities in the “field of space science and remote sensing”. There is an “educational satellite and a space science laboratory” in the laboratories of the Faculty of Engineering.

Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abdel Nabi, President of the Egyptian Russian University, pointed out that the university gives priority to scientific research and encourages students to innovate and excel, as the Faculty of Engineering participates annually in the Egyptian Rally for the manufacture of electric cars, which is being held by the “Academy of Scientific Research and Technology” since (2018), to prepare and Egyptian engineering cadres capable of working in the field of the electric car industry. Worth mentioning that the students of the “Faculty of Engineering” at the university were able to reach the final stages during the past three editions of the rally, and they have distinguished experience, which allowed them to obtain second place in the rally edition for the year (2019), in addition to that, one of the other students invented a power generator bump which generates electricity when cars pass over it. Two graduation projects for students of the departments of Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering, and Communications Engineering at the university won the ITAC-ITIDA initiative competition to support graduation projects, affiliated to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. The two projects work in an integrated system to design and implement an electric car equipped with modern smart systems to assist in driving and monitoring the driver performance.

  For her part, Mrs. Ikram Mohamed Abdel Hamid, Secretary General of the Egyptian Russian University, revealed that registration is open to enroll in the university’s faculties in the academic year (2023-2024), and students of the general secondary certificate and equivalent certificates apply directly by attending the university’s headquarters, and the minimum marks for the college is required for admission.

The Secretary-General of the Egyptian Russian University stated that the university campus has service facilities to practice all student activities, such as: “a theater and a large conference hall, a mosque, medical clinics, multiple and various sports stadiums, a headquarters for the Student Union, a food court, green spaces, and a university hostel for expatriate students.”, transportation lines for students covering Greater Cairo and the eastern Delta governorates, electronic banks, printing and stationery center, medical care, university youth care administration, and a central library.

In the same context, Prof. Emad Reda, Director of Student Affairs and Alumni Affairs at the Egyptian Russian University, confirmed that students who meet the admission requirements and total should apply to the university.

The Director of Student Affairs at the Egyptian Russian University said that there are 25% partial scholarships for students transferring to engineering majors and 10% for those who have siblings studying at the university, and that those wishing to inquire further about the faculties of the “Egyptian Russian University” in Cairo Governorate, Badr City, should contact the department of Student Affairs” on the following numbers: “0228609114 or 0228609115”, or mobile numbers (01050630681 – 01050630682 – 01050630683) or entering the university’s website: “www.eru.edu.eg” or visiting the university to learn about its faculties and capabilities  at the following address: “Cairo Governorate – Badr City – the central area of the city – next to the new Badr City Authority building, and in front of the Egyptian Russian University Square.”

About the methods of applying to the Egyptian Russian University for high school graduates.