The Egyptian Russian University Receives 18,900 Patients for free at the Dental Clinics

Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abdel-Nabi, President of the Egyptian Russian University, announced that in line with the university’s pioneering role in serving the community and its commitment to providing unique community services, and based on the community need for oral and dental health services, the Comprehensive Clinics Complex at the  Faculty of Dentistry welcomes all residents of Badr City and neighbouring cities for free check-ups, treatment, and radiology. He pointed out that the  Faculty of Dentistry clinics receive over 18,900 patients annually and provide all types of medical services in the field of dentistry, free of charge, with the support of Dr. Mohamed Kamal Mostafa, Chairman of the University Board of Trustees.

ERU President explained that the Dental Clinics Complex provides therapeutic services to over 1,600 patients monthly for medical services, treatment, or follow-up. He added that the college organizes medical caravans in all neighbourhoods of Badr City and neighbouring cities for treatment and dental health awareness for both adults and children as a form of positive and effective community participation undertaken by the university towards civil society.

Dr. Khaled Tawfik, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry stated that the faculty is one of the leading colleges in the field of dentistry. The significant role the faculty plays in caring for patients, with a large daily attendance at the clinics and the services provided to citizens, all is completely free.

He added that the comprehensive dental clinics at the faculty consist of (320) units for “Dentistry,” dedicated to training students, in addition to a comprehensive clinic complex for graduates of internships. They provide all diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients with high quality, according to the highest standards, without any fees. The specialties include oral and maxillofacial surgery, gum disease treatment, removable and fixed prosthetics, tartar cleaning, root canal treatment, extractions, dental fillings, complete dental sets, pediatric dentistry, and cavity prevention and treatment.

Dr. Khaled Tawfik pointed out that the treatment in the dental clinics at the faculty of dentistry is under direct supervision and full participation from a distinguished elite of professors, faculty members, their assistants, and nursing teams at the highest level. This ultimately helps achieve a high-quality and efficient treatment service, raising the level of students in practical and scientific terms and making them strong competitors in the local, regional, and international job markets.

Dr. Amani Amer, Director of the Comprehensive Clinics Complex at ERU Faculty of Dentistry , revealed that the college’s clinics receive patients from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM on official working days, except for weekends and official holidays. She emphasized that regarding sterilization, the college uses highly advanced units for sterilization, whether in practical teaching or examining the public. This is to safeguard the lives of patients while strictly implementing infection control instructions inside the clinics.

The Egyptian Russian University Receives 18,900 Patients for free at the Dental Clinics