Egyptian Russian University Welcomes Students for the New Academic Year

The Egyptian Russian University celebrated the new academic year (2023-2024) by decorating all of its facilities and faculties with congratulatory banners. Deans, faculty members, and their assistants warmly welcomed both new and returning students.

Professor Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abdelnabi, ERU President, explained that on the first day of classes, the university organized preparatory lectures for all faculties including Pharmacy, Engineering, Dentistry, Business Administration and Economics, Artificial Intelligence, Fine Arts, Applied Arts, Al- Alsun and Technical Languages. The aim was to familiarize new students with the academic system, provide academic guidance, and introduce the general rules of the faculties. This ensures their compliance, alongside acquainting them with various student activities, scientific associations, the Huawei Academy, the Entrepreneurship Club, and the service facilities within the university campus. This was made possible with the support of Dr. Mohamed Kamal Mustafa, Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees.

Dr. Hanaa Abdelrahman, the head of student activities at the Egyptian Russian University, emphasized that the preparatory lectures included an introduction to various student activities and their role in strengthening human and social bonds among students. These activities help in shaping the student’s identity, building their character, and integrating them into both the university and the broader community. She also highlighted that the balance between academic life and student activities is a fundamental part of the success equation, a principle closely upheld by the university administration.

Dr. Hanaa Abdelrahman further noted that as part of the welcoming celebrations organized by the university administration, various activities were offered to students. Such activities included artistic and entertainment segments, distribution of gifts to the new students, art exhibitions, singing performances, poetry recitations, and an introduction to the academic families. Representatives from the Student Union of the University were widely present across the campus, distributing gifts to new students and providing information about the faculties and service facilities.

Ms. Ikram Mohamed, the Secretary-General of the Egyptian Russian University, affirmed the readiness of the lecture halls, classrooms, and laboratories. She also stated that all safety and security standards are rigorously followed in all university facilities, ensuring a safe learning environment for the students. Moreover, the university is fully committed to offering all necessary support and care to students, enabling them to excel in their studies and participate in various activities, in accordance with the activity plan.


Egyptian Russian University Welcomes Students for the New Academic Year