The Egyptian Russian University's Fine Arts Department Organizing "Harvest 2" Exhibition and Announcing A Surprise for Students.

President of the Egyptian Russian University, Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abdelnaby, announced starting “Harvest 2” exhibition, showcasing the work of students from the Faculty of Fine Arts for the second semester of 2022-2023. The exhibition covers areas such as colored drawing, rapid sketches, photography, artistic printing, advertising design, ceramics art, architectural modeling, calligraphy, character design, and animation films. He emphasized that the exhibition stems from the university’s commitment to encourage talented students, develop their abilities, and refine their skills, ensuring that graduates excel in all fields of fine arts. The exhibition also aims to promote awareness and artistic culture in the university’s surrounding community and was organized with the support of Dr. Mohamed Kamal El-Sayed Mostafa, Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees.

Dr. Ahmed Nawar, former head of the Visual Arts Sector and honorary guest of the exhibition, praised the displayed works of the students. He expressed that they herald the emergence of a new generation of artists and designers who will occupy a distinguished position in the comprehensive development path pursued by the nation at this stage. He attributed this to the available resources at the college, including facilities, studios, workshops, labs, faculty members, and the faculty’s programs that keep pace with contemporary needs. He pointed out that the exhibition falls within the framework of raising awareness in the university’s surrounding community, showcasing remarkably artistic talents with innovative ideas that open new windows and promise a bright future for the students.

Dean of ERU Faculty of Fine Arts Dr. Mohamed Aarabi, announced a surprise for the college students. The initial approval from the university’s management and Dr. Ahmed Nawar to host the “Nawar Painting Award” in its sixth edition, which concludes with an exhibition of the competitors’ works in “painting”. Painting is considered the fundamental tool for visual thinking in the fields of visual arts, design, and architecture. He added that the competition will include a new event, an exhibition in visual arts for the young artists who won in the previous five cycles of the “Nawar Painting Award”. The university will grant them three in-kind and monetary prizes, in addition to the prizes that the college students will receive in the “Nawar Painting Award” competition.

ERU Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts highlighted that “Harvest 2” coincides with the celebrations of the October 6th Victory, which added an atmosphere of joy and stimulating dialogue about art and the great October victory. He stated that this exhibition is the result of a new teaching experience based on an interactive methodology aimed at developing critical, creative, scientific, and research thinking methods. It works on establishing a deeper understanding of the concepts and cultural contexts of the “Fine Arts” movement and its paths both domestically and internationally. The exhibition includes (122) artworks and was participated in by (70) first-year students who excelled in the foundational year and qualified this year to advance in the main specialization tracks.

Dr. Mohamed Aarabi praised the exhibition’s success partners, including faculty members and assistants who contribute to the birth of a new generation of “artists and designers”. They will possess the tools of the era within the college to hold a special position in the “local, regional, and global” markets. He expressed his gratitude to the university’s administration, which spares no effort in providing all the necessary resources to achieve a unique academic experience within the college. He also thanked the team that prepared the artistic works, coordinated the exhibition, and presented it in this professional manner.

The opening of “Harvest 2” exhibition at ERU Faculty of Fine Arts was attended by Major General Pilot Ahmed El Mansoury, known as the “Crazy Pilot” in the October War, Captain Wessam Hafez, one of the heroes of the Navy and Group 39 Combat, Dr. Mohamed Thabet Bedairy, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Accountant Tarek Bilal, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Parents’ Administration for Badr and Shorouk Cities, faculty members, teaching assistants, and a large number of deans, faculty members, and students from various colleges of the university.

The Egyptian Russian University's Fine Arts Department Organizing "Harvest 2" Exhibition and Announcing A Surprise for Students.