“Towards Active Youth” As part of the event “Towards Active Youth,” the Ministry of Solidarity announces the names of the honored students of the Egyptian Russian University

Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abd-el-Naby, President of the Egyptian Russian University (ERU), announced that forty-two of the university’s students were honored for their outstanding academic performance. They are students at the university’s eight faculties: Faculties of “Engineering,” “Oral and Dental Medicine,” “Pharmacy,” “Management, Economics & Business Technology,” “Artificial Intelligence,” “Fine Arts,” “Applied Arts” and “Faculty of Al-Alsun and Technical Languages.” The students were honored by the Ministry of Social Solidarity, under the patronage of Dr. Mohamed Kamal Al-Sayed Mustafa, Chairman of the university’s board of trustees, and in the presence of Dr. Salah Hashem, Counselor of the Minister of Social Solidarity and General Coordinator of Social Solidarity Units at Universities.

The President of the ERU explained that the honoring took place as part of an event titled “Towards Active Youth,” which was organized by the Social Solidarity Unit for the second year in a row within the university headquarters … His Excellency stated that the establishment of the Social Solidarity Unit within the university campus came as part of the framework of the state’s strategic trend to support and develop the human resources. It is also due to the university’s keenness to prepare a good graduate who interacts positively with all the issues of the society in which he lives, preserving its customs, traditions and values. He should also be a producer and should take part in developing the state’s resources, rather than being a mere consumer of them.

Dr. Sherif, in addition, declared that, the event included, as part of its activities, the opening of the “Productive Student & Productive Family Exhibition”, in which 51 exhibitors from productive families participated, in addition to the “Productive Student” initiative, which was distinguished by offering distinguished products. The exhibition was praised and applauded by the university’s members. Furthermore, Dr. Sherif called on the Social Solidarity Unit to be more and more opened up to the surrounding community around the university in order to maximize the benefit of the exhibition.

In the same context, Dr. Salah Hashem, Councelor of the Minister of Social Solidarity and General Coordinator of Social Solidarity Units at Universities, asserted that the “Ministry of Social Solidarity” provides many diverse activities for faculty students, at both private and public universities. He stated that the ministry, as represented by the “Social Solidarity Units” within the universities, provides multiple various activities to meet the students’ basic needs throughout the academic year and during the annual vacation; and it also aims at meeting the needs of new graduates after completing their studies. It also purposes to promote community peace and security, social justice, as well as economic growth, and to raise awareness on education system and voluntary work through the “Volunteer Bank”.

For her part, Dr. Hanaa Abd-el-Rahman, Leader of Student Activities at the ERU, emphasized that one of the goals of the event “Towards Active Youth” is to introduce to the student the areas of community participation and its official methods, which constitutes an important factor in preparing a distinguished graduate who interacts with the society and the NGOs within the framework of laws and community traditions.

Dr. Hanaa added that the event included a presentation of the achievements of the university’s Solidarity Unit during the past academic year, a narration of some models of volunteers from the university students, in addition to honoring the winning students in the “Productive Student” initiative, as well as honoring the top students from each faculty, as part of the “Incubator of the Outstanding” initiative. The students’ names are as follows:

  • Amira Hesham Aly Hassan (Faculty Oral and Dental Medicine)
  • Haya Ayman Hammam Sayed (Faculty Oral and Dental Medicine)
  • Kanzy Adel Eid Abd-el-Dayem (Faculty Oral and Dental Medicine)
  • Ayatullah Ayman Hassan Awadallah (Faculty Oral and Dental Medicine)
  • Mennatullah Atef Saad Selim (Faculty Oral and Dental Medicine)
  • Nada Mustafa Mohamed (Faculty Oral and Dental Medicine)
  • Abd-el-Hamid Galal Al-Sayed Saleh (Faculty Oral and Dental Medicine)
  • Ahmed Hassan Sayed Mohamed Bayoumy (Faculty of Pharmacy)
  • Yara Hossam Helmy Al-Sadeq (Faculty of Pharmacy)
  • Rawan Mohamed Abdullah Al-Sayed (Faculty of Pharmacy)
  • Nour Mohamed Ahmed Abd-el-Moneim (Faculty of Pharmacy)
  • Fares Yasser Abd-el-Hay Marghany (Faculty of Pharmacy)
  • Mahmoud Maher Mohamed Sayed (Faculty of Artificial Intelligence)
  • Shaymaa Mustafa Soliman Eid (Faculty of Artificial Intelligence)
  • Ahmed Reda Fekry Ibrahim (Faculty of Artificial Intelligence)
  • Amr Aly Amin Zaqzouq (Faculty of Artificial Intelligence)
  • Mayyada Abd-el-Moneim Abd-el-Wahed (Faculty of Artificial Intelligence)
  • Manar Hamdy Abd-el-Naby Al-Saidy (Faculty of Engineering)
  • Ahmed Mohamed Salem Mohamed (Faculty of Engineering)
  • Bavly Ashraf Ayyad Boules (Faculty of Engineering)
  • Maryam Mohamed Mahmoud Sakr (Faculty of Engineering)
  • Mohamed Salah El-Baz Ismail (Faculty of Engineering)
  • 23- Marina Tawadros Iskandar (Faculty of Applied Arts)
  • 24- Salma Abd-el-Aziz Farouk (Faculty of Applied Arts)
  • 25- Basant Tarek Fattouh Al-Sherif (Faculty of Applied Arts)
  • 26- Yasmin Mohamed Abd-el-Hady (Faculty of Applied Arts)
  • 27- Shahad Tamer Abd-el-Ghany Abu-Saleh (Faculty of Applied Arts)
  • 28- Mohamed Ahmed Sobhy Abbas (Faculty of Management, Economics & Business Technology)
  • 29- Ibrahim Khaled Said Khalil (Faculty of Management, Economics & Business Technology)
  • 30- Fatma Nader Mohamed Al-Sharnouby (Faculty of Management, Economics & Business Technology)
  • 31- Bassem Ezzat Farouk Mohamed Abd-el-Razek (Faculty of Management, Economics & Business Technology)
  • 32- Maryam Tamer Abd-el-Latif Ateya (Faculty of Management, Economics & Business Technology)
  • 33- Afnan Fathy Mohamed Aly (Faculty of Al-Alsun and Technical Languages)
  • 34- Maryam Al-Sayed Abd-el-Moneim Ahmed (Faculty of Al-Alsun and Technical Languages)
  • 35- Sarah Mahmoud Al-Sherbiny (Faculty of Al-Alsun and Technical Languages)
  • 36- Amr Khaled Mohamed Saleh (Faculty of Al-Alsun and Technical Languages)
  • 37- Basmala Alaa Abd-el-Aaty (Faculty of Al-Alsun and Technical Languages)
  • 38- Nour Ayman Aly Al-Said Nassar (Faculty of Fine Arts)
  • 39- Maryam Mohamed Maher Mohamed (Faculty of Fine Arts)
  • 40- Khadega Mohsen Mohamed Hassan (Faculty of Fine Arts)
  • 41- Aya Hamdy Hosny Salem Mohamed (Faculty of Fine Arts)
  • 42- Nada Mamdouh Abd-el-Karim Abd-el-Salam (Faculty of Fine Arts)


The event was attended by: Dr. Mohamed Ehab Fattouh, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Ezz-el-Deen Abd-el-Aziz, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts, Dr. Makarem Al-Ghamry, Dean of the Faculty of Al-Alsun and Technical Languages, Dr. Saeed Hassan Ibrahim, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Hossam Nazmy, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts, Mr. Ehab Mustafa, Director of Social Solidarity Administration at Badr City and Heliopolis, Engineer / Tarek Belal, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Educational Administration at Badr and Shorouk Cities, Accountant / Mr. Aly Abu-el-Maaty, Director of Nasser Bank in Cairo, Accountant / Mr. Reda Fouad Al-Manfy, Director of Al-Nasr Branch of Nasser Bank, in addition to some faculty members, public figures, and a multitude of students and their parents.

The event “Towards Active Youth” had been organized by: Dr. Soha Samir, Director of the Psychological Support and Counseling Unit at the university, Mr. Khalil Al-Omda, the Solidarity Unit Coordinator at the university, and Ms. / Israa Hassan, the Protection and Empowerment Officer at the Solidarity Unit at the ERU.”

“Towards Active Youth” As part of the event “Towards Active Youth,” the Ministry of Solidarity announces the names of the honored students of the Egyptian Russian University