250 Specialists and 6 Companies Participating at ERU Faculty of Pharmacy’s Third International Conference which Provided 1500 Training Opportunities

 Under the theme “Advancements in Pharmacy Research”, Prof. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abdel Nabi, the president of the Egyptian Russian university, announced that this event underscores the university’s continuous efforts, particularly through its Faculty of Pharmacy, to excel in scientific research. This includes building strategic partnerships with major pharmaceutical manufacturing institutions, contributing to the development of educational processes, and utilizing them for the service of the local and regional communities. He added that this aligns with the scientific momentum witnessed across various faculties of the university, in pursuit of its vision, supported by Dr. Mohamed Kamal Mustafa, the chairman of the university’s board of trustees.

In the same context, Dr. Essam Khamees, ERU president consultant for academic development, stated that organizing scientific conferences encourages communication, integration, knowledge transfer, and the exchange of ideas, visions, and scientific research with modern techniques. This engagement takes place between the university’s researchers, innovators, academics, and specialized companies in the fields of pharmacy and healthcare facilities. He emphasized that the slogan of the conference reflects the university’s focus on industries emerging from pharmaceutical sciences. The event targeted addressing several important issues in this field through three opening lectures delivered by scientists and experts in the fields of nanomedicine, smart Nano systems, bio-alternatives, and supply management. These topics serve the conference’s objectives and mission.

Dr. Essam Khamees further explained that the latest statistics from the global institution Scimago in 2022 ranked Egypt 11th globally out of 183 countries, placing it with the top %6 in the world. This recognition was attributed to Egypt’s published research in indexed journals in the fields of pharmacy and toxicology, totalling 443 research papers, with a Hirsch index of 57. The institution also assessed the ranking of the Egyptian Russian University in the same specialization, finding it to be 24th out of all Egyptian universities and research centers, and 41st on the African continent.

In a related context, Dr. Ehab Fotouh, the dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Egyptian Russian University, affirmed that the scientific conference of the faculty was attended by a select group of professors from various Egyptian universities, as well as leaders from the pharmaceutical studies sector at the Supreme Council of Universities. They presented the latest scientific research and developments in this field. He pointed out that the faculty has graduated 13 classes since the university’s establishment, and its graduates are widely distributed in most prestigious companies, factories, and healthcare facilities in the job market, whether locally, regionally, or internationally. Many of them pursue their postgraduate studies, either domestically or in Europe and America.

The dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Egyptian Russian University noted that the Faculty obtained accreditation from the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in 2019. It offers two programs for the Bachelor’s degree: “Pharm D” and “Clinical Pharm D”, in addition to a postgraduate program granting a Master’s degree in biochemistry. He also mentioned that the faculty received the approval of the Supreme Council of Universities to start two diploma programs: “Pharmaceutical Technology” and “Therapeutic and Nutritional Directions for Natural Products”. He expressed his gratitude to all faculty members of the faculty for their significant efforts in organizing the scientific conference and the pharmaceutical companies exhibition held on the sidelines of the conference.

Dr. Afaf Ahmed Ramadan, the head of the Pharmacognosy Department at the Egyptian Russian University and the Secretary-General of the conference, stated that the conference was attended by more than 250 specialists, faculty members, and 6 companies specialized in pharmaceuticals and medical devices. This was in addition to pharmacists and students, both from the faculty and from other Egyptian universities. She revealed that one of the objectives of the conference and the exhibition was to motivate the faculty’s team to offer their best expertise and academic skills and to acquire new knowledge in various fields of pharmacy, all for the benefit of the faculty’s students.

Dr. Afaf Ahmed Ramadan further disclosed that 22 scientific posters were presented in the conference, submitted by researchers affiliated to ERU, in addition to researchers from other universities. These posters were peer-reviewed by university professors, each in their respective field. The reviewers praised the outstanding scientific level of the research presented through these posters.

250 Specialists and 6 Companies Participating at ERU Faculty of Pharmacy’s Third International Conference which Provided 1500 Training Opportunities