The Egyptian Russian University announces details of inaugurating its “Decent Life” Booth ...

The President of the Egyptian Russian University (ERU), Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abd-el-Naby, inaugurated a booth of “Haya Karima” (Decent Life) Institution within the university campus. This step aims at spreading among the youth of the ERU the culture of volunteer work and enhancing their participation in public work. It also aims at making them familiar with the programs and training courses provided by the institution, within the framework of implementing the presidential initiatives, which work towards achieving sustainable development. The inauguration took place in the presence of a delegation of “Decent Life” Institution: Dr. Lamis Mekky – Deputy Director of the Executive Field Sector, Colonel / Ahmed Al-Sayed, Director of Initiatives, Colonel / Mahmoud Taher, Director of the Greater Cairo Sector, and Mr. Ahmed Farghaly, General Coordinator of Cairo Governorate.”


The ERU President, Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abd-el-Naby, explained that the presidential initiative “Decent Life”, which had been launched by the Egyptian President Abd-el-Fattah El-Sisi, aims to provide a decent life for the citizens most in need and most deserving of care. It is the largest and most important presidential initiative which aims at building the Egyptian human and improving his standard of living … . Dr. Sherif emphasized the fact that the university administration, with its resources and youth, spares no effort in participating in the implementation of all presidential and national initiatives, which aim at achieving qualitative changes and building the Egyptian human in terms of his health, social conditions and education, and which also put emphasis on the concept of citizenship and social justice in order to build our endeared homeland.

The President of the Egyptian Russian University added that the “Decent Life Initiative” sponsors the improvement of the living conditions and daily life of the citizens at rural and urban communities in Egypt, which is to be achieved by adopting an expanded plan to achieve social justice in various fields. He explained that the initiative is concerned with all aspects of the society’s infrastructure, in addition to contributing to the humanitarian aspects of orphan girls and those with special needs … He clarified that the initiative covers more than (4,500) villages from north to south of Egypt with the aim to reduce the gap between the rights available in villages on the one side and life in cities and the capital on the other side.


For his part, Dr. Hesham Fathy, Dean of the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence at the ERU, stressed the importance of the participation of all members of the university in giving success to such humanitarian and social initiatives. This is especially true for students and faculty members, as they are an active party in triggering positive change, and also in spreading awareness and providing assistance within their communities … He pointed out that the inauguration of the Decent Life Booth sustains the values ​​of development and charity work.


In the same context, Dr. Mohamed Behery, a lecturer at the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence at the ERU and a member of the Central Operation Room of the Decent Life Institution, stated that Decent Life Initiative supported the people of Gaza Strip with more than (5) tons of food during the current war, and that the youth of the initiative held a sit-in for a period of (10) days for the entry of these aids, revealing that the axes of “Decent Life” are: “youth and sports, potable water and sanitation, health, electricity, humanitarian aid and social interventions, natural gas, roads, decent housing, communications, education, awareness and culture, economic empowerment, job opportunities, agriculture, environment, and irrigation.”

The activities of inaugurating the booth of “Haya Karima” (Decent Life) were attended by: Dr. Essam Khamis, Advisor to the University President for Academic Development, Dr. Khaled Tawfeek, Dean of the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Dr. Ehab Fattouh, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Alaa Mohamed Al-Batsh, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Al-Tahera Al-Sayed Hameya, Dean of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Business Technology, Dr. Hesham Fathy, Dean of the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Ezz-el-Deen Abd-el-Aziz, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts, Dr. Hanaa Abd-el-Rahman, Leader of Student Activities at the ERU, and Dr. Soha Samir, Director of the Social Solidarity Unit at the university.

The Egyptian Russian University announces details of inaugurating its “Decent Life” Booth ...