Students of the Egyptian Russian University obtain advanced positions in the robotics football competition.

Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abdel Naby, President of the Egyptian Russian University, announced that students of the “Engineering and Artificial Intelligence” faculties at the university won second and third places in the “Robotics Football Competition,” which was held at the “Egyptian-Chinese College of Applied Technology” at Suez Canal University under the auspices of Dr. Nasser Mandour, President of the University, and Dr. Tamer Nabil, Dean of the College.

The President of the Egyptian Russian University explained that the university is keen for students to participate in these competitions for its role in developing their skills and refining their talents, and in implementation of the university’s strategy in the field of developing students’ digital and applied skills, with the aim of empowering them with modern technology and keeping pace with the increasing demand for these skills in the labor market: “The local , regional, and global,” with the support of Dr. Mohamed Kamal Mustafa, Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees.

In the same context, Dr. Alaa Mohamed Al-Batsh, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the Egyptian Russian University, explained that the Faculty of Engineering pays great attention to student projects with the aim of stimulating creativity and spreading the culture of innovation, transferring knowledge, acquiring and transferring skills among them, and localizing the idea of entrepreneurship among them…pointing out that the participants in the competition who won the silver medal and second place are the “Ghosts” team, which includes the distinguished students “Mohamed Ayman, Ahmed Wajih, Iman Mohamed, Maryam Ahmed, and Omar Khaled.”

For his part, Dr. Hisham Fathi, Dean of the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence at the Egyptian Russian University, confirmed that the college administration is keen to support all types of student activities inside and outside the university campus, in a way that contributes to encouraging students to compete fairly with students of other universities and institutes and exchange knowledge and experience to be an incentive for continued excellence and success…noting that the student team that participated in the “Robot Football” competition and won third place and a bronze medal is the “Storm” team and includes the distinguished students: “Abdul Latif Aslam, Abd al-Rahman Salah, Youssef Mahjoub, Rawan Badir, and Safinaz.” sword”.

On the same subject, Dr. Tamer Saleh, a lecturer in the Department of Communications at the Faculty of Engineering at the Egyptian-Russian University and supervisor of the university’s delegation to the competition, indicated that the university’s student teams deservedly took second and third place out of (40) teams from various “governmental, private universities, and higher institute”, with the participation of a large number of students and in coordination with Dr. Ahmed Salem, Vice Dean of the Egyptian Chinese College of Applied Technology.

Dr. Tamer praised the level of participating students, their dedication, and their achievement of this well-deserved victory, wishing all university students excellence in various fields (scientific, research, and sports), and always standing on the podiums of coronation and honor in all “local, regional, and international” forums… revealing that the Egyptian Russian University is preparing to launch the second edition of the “Robot Wrestling Competition.”

Students of the Egyptian Russian University obtain advanced positions in the robotics football competition.