The Egyptian Russian University announces the names of honored students in the electronics training course

The President of the Egyptian Russian University (ERU), Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abd-el-Naby, announced that within the framework of the university’s interest in and care for talented students, (17) distinguished students, who participated in the practical electronics course of Huawei Academy at the university, were honored. The course was held with the purpose of investing in these young students, creating a base of competencies who are capable of keeping pace with the requirements of markets, at local, regional and global levels. Dr. Sherif added that the holding of this course was supported by the Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees, Dr. Mohamed Kamal Mustafa.

In the same vein, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the ERU, Dr. Alaa Mohamed Al-Batsh, explained that access to the electronics course was made available online via “Zoom” application and live broadcast on the university’s web page for all those who are interested in the field of electronics and electronic circuits. Dr. Alaa also stated that the course aimed at developing the students’ capacities, refining their talents, and preparing a generation interested in practical electronics at the state level. The course continued throughout the first semester with (12) lectures. About 350 trainees received the training, face-to-face and online.

Dr. Hesham Fathy, the Dean of the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence and the General Supervisor of the Huawei Academy at the ERU, for his part, said that the practical electronics course was held under the title “The Path to Professionalism in Practical Electronics,” and the students were trained by a group of engineers who are specialized in the field. He explained that they were trained on the electronic components, the benefit of each of them, the precautions to be followed when using these components, and some other important pieces of information that are relevant to the field of electronics. The circuits were presented in an interesting manner by using simulation programs and real electronic components and circuits such as a dark detector or an alarm siren.

In a related context, Dr. Tamer Saleh, a lecturer in the Department of Communications Engineering and the Executive Director of the Huawei Academy at the ERU, stated that the course was much appreciated by the attendees and that this course is considered the first and unique of its kind as it focused on a number of experiences that aim at creating applied methods and generating untraditional job opportunities as well. Dr. Tamer added that those interested in the field of electronics can follow the future events and plans of Huawei Academy at the “Egyptian Russian University” through the following link:

They can also listen to the recorded lectures on the university’s Facebook link:…/videos/839917994203135/

Dr. Tamer Saleh also stated that an exhibition of the students’ projects and a closing ceremony were held for the first round of the course, in the presence of the deans of faculties, faculty members and the supporting staff members, who praised the effort and quality of the projects which were conducted and presented by the students.

 The students with outstanding projects were honored. Their names are as follows:

  • Khaled Mohamed Farouk
  • Youssef Taha
  • Seif-el-Deen Wael Essam
  • Karim Nabil Fawzy
  • Mohamed Alaa
  • Abd-el-Rahman Mohamed
  • Al-Sayed Mohamed
  • Jud Youssef Dabbagh
  • Omar Tarek Soliman

10- Manar Hamdy Al-Seidy

11- Ahmed Ragab

12- Malak Gamal

13- Shahd Adel

14- Ahmed Osama Selim

15- Mazen Mahmoud

16- Mohamed Yasser Yehia

17- Zeyad Reda

The Lecturer in the Department of Communications Engineering and the Executive Director of Huawei Academy added that the following engineers who participated in the training activities were also honored: Eng./Rehab Hassan, Eng./Kerolos Emad, Eng./Eman Al-Sayed, Eng./Shorouk Mehrez, Eng./Islam Adel, Eng./Abd-el-Rahman Alaa, Eng./Fathy Mohamed, and Eng./Ahmed Hatem.

The Egyptian Russian University announces the names of honored students in the electronics training course