Among the best performing academies in the year (2023) ... The Egyptian Russian University obtains the 2nd place nationwide ... with photos

President of the Egyptian Russian University (ERU), Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abd-el-Naby, announced that the university’s Huawei Academy obtained second place at the level of private universities and institutes in “Egypt”, as part of the annual evaluation of academies for the year (2023). He gave credit for this achievement to the academy’s distinguished activity and to the efforts of the university’s students and faculty members, who contributed to this honorable success, with the support of the Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees, Dr. Mohamed Kamal Al-Sayed Mustafa.

In the same vein, Dr. Hesham Fathy, Dean of the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence and General Supervisor of Huawei Academy at the ERU, stated that the university’s students performed an effective role with their ability to receive training and to participate in international competitions, which was one of the evaluation factors for comparing among academies at the republic level, with the participation of (85) academies. He pinpointed that such competitions aim at caring for and empowering the future generation of local talents in the “field of information and communication technology,” so as to contribute to achieving digital transformation plans and developing IT-based strategies.

On his part, Dr. Tamer Saleh, a lecturer in the Department of Communication at the Faculty of Engineering and the Executive Director of “Huawei Academy at the ERU,” asserted that this success encourages the academy to continue in the same vein towards motivating the students of the faculties of the university to take part in various events, at both “local and international” levels; with the goal of developing their creative thinking skills, enrooting in them the spirit of innovation, urging them to follow every scientific development and to move toward expanding their self-learning methods, rather than being limited to traditional rote learning methods, as well as working on integrating them with advanced technology.

The Executive Director of Huawei Academy at the ERU added that the participation of the students and faculty members of the university’s faculties in the “Huawei International Competition” contributes to developing the technical skills of the university members and enabling them to acquire good experience. It also helps build trained and qualified cadres in the field of technology, who are able to manage governmental and private academic, industrial and commercial facilities after graduation. The participation in this international competition, in addition, serves as a valuable chance for all those who are interested in the training, both inside and outside the university, creating new job opportunities for the promising Egyptian youth and achieving the “2030 State Vision” in accordance with the digital transformation plan. The Executive Director highlighted that the university’s ranking in the competition is announced on the official page of Huawei. Here is the link:

To learn more about the details of joining Huawei Academy at the Egyptian Russian University and the scholarships it offers for training young people, use the following link:

Among the best performing academies in the year (2023) ... The Egyptian Russian University obtains the 2nd place nationwide ... with photos