In the Presence of Art Icons and Specialists .. ERU Fine Arts Students Presenting 30 Art Pieces at the "Al- Kursy" Exhibition..

Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abdel-Naby, President of the Egyptian Russian University, announced the opening of the student activity exhibition ” Al- Kursy ” at the Faculty of Fine Arts on campus for the first academic semester (2023-2024), within the course “Drawing and Shape Building”, for first-level “Foundation” students. Dr. Sherif noted that the exhibition shows the university’s keenness to motivate talented students, urge them to create and produce distinguished artistic works, and to display their artistic creations, to express themselves and present their work in their own style, which contributes to developing their abilities and refining their skills; to become outstanding graduates in the labor market. The exhibition was organized with the support of Dr. Mohamed Kamal El-Sayed Mustafa, Head of the University’s Board of Trustees, and in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Nawar, former Head of the Plastic Arts Sector and the guest of honor of the exhibition.


In the same context, Dr. Mohamed Oraby, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, confirmed that the college students presented more than (30) outstanding artistic works, which heralds the birth of a new generation of artists and designers who will occupy a distinguished position in the path of comprehensive development sought by the state, and that the works showed distinct artistic talents of students with innovative ideas that open new windows and portend a bright future for students.


The Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts explained that the exhibition was held under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Mousa, lecturer of sculpture, and with the assistance of TAs: “Yomna Al-Sharif, Michael Wahid, and Zina Ahmed”.. Noting that ” Al- Kursy ” (the chair) is considered one of the most widespread design subjects, where the details of its purposes and basic function associated with humans and their life activities are multiple, and in addition to its direct content related to its apparent function, there are other moral connotations and implications that have prompted creators to address it as an expressive or symbolic subject, especially in modern and contemporary art. In the context of conceptual art, (the chair) has been aesthetically reinterpreted in many forms.


Dr. Mohamed Araby praised the partners of success in the exhibition from the teaching staff and assistant staff who contribute to the birth of a new generation within the college of “artists” who will possess the tools of the age; to occupy a distinguished position within the “local, regional, and global” market.. Extending thanks to the university administration, which spares no effort in providing all the necessary capabilities to achieve a unique academic experience within the college, and thanking the work team that prepared the artworks, coordinated the exhibition, and brought it out in this professional manner.


The Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts noted that the artist Yomna Sherif, the assistant lecturer, and her work team conceived the presentation within the framework of contemporary art theories and concepts, where the artistic sculptures were imbued with a coherent overall entity. In addition to coordinating and distributing the sculptures as things that can be perceived spatially, light played an important role in emphasizing the aesthetic value of each element individually. The lighting was designed to emphasize the spatial relationships and their interconnectedness; so that all elements coalesce into a unified organic entity within the exhibition space to affirm unity and diversity and add other aesthetic values associated with the strength of the interaction between light and shadow to draw psychological atmospheres and visual effects that added other aesthetic values that inspired the filmmakers of “ERUFA Filmmaking”, the artist Nadim Oraby and his team Abdullah Samir and Mohamed Hassan; to produce a film that is considered an artistic work within the aesthetics of the moving image.

In the Presence of Art Icons and Specialists .. ERU Fine Arts Students Presenting 30 Art Pieces at the "Al- Kursy" Exhibition..