The Egyptian Russian University Council announces good news... with pictures and numbers

its campus in Badr City, Cairo Governorate, headed by Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abdel Naby, President of the University, and during the remote presence of Professor Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama, Secretary General of the Association of Arab Universities, former Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and a member of the Council, Deans of Faculties, Dr. Essam Khamis, Advisor of the Egyptian Russian University for Academic Development, Dr. Shehata Gharib Shalqamy, University Advisor for Institutional Development, Ms. Ikram Mohamed, Secretary of the Council, and from abroad, the Council was honored by the presence of  members of the Council from abroad: “Dr. Enas Abdel Majeed Mohamed Sayed Deif.” Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at Assiut University, and engineer Saeed Farag, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cypmatic Company.


Dr. Sherif Fakhry conveys a message of congratulations to all university members for all their achievements during April 2024, which were as the following:

1- The arrival of the scientific university research, published on the Scopes platform, to 1000 research papers ; Noting that 245 papers  were published in 2023, with an increase of 21.2% from 2022, coinciding with the launch of the second publication of the scientific publication book of the university during the period 2009-2023, which included an analysis of the research outcomes of the concerning quantity and quality. The Council discussed the university’s mechanism to stimulate researchers to publish in global scientific patrols efficiently and this was applied since 2019  with an impact on the number and quality of research.


Within the same context, Dr. Essam Khamis, Advisor of the Egyptian Russian University for Academic Development, announced that the data analysis of the published research disciplines during the period (2018: 2023) was in the following fields: “Chemistry, Pharmcology, Toxicology, and Medicines, Engineering, Biochemistry, molecular biology, materials, physics, astronomy, computer science, oral and dental medicine; the research papers which have been recorded during this period  reached 8260 citations and Herch 14 H-Index reached 29 all over five years, and that the impact of the relative weight of citations in the university , especially Field-Weighted Citation  was 1.51 highest than the world’s highest rating in all disciplines of 50%.


The Advisor of the Egyptian Russian University for Academic Development, announced that this research covered thirteen goals from the SDG (SDG) sustainable for the United Nations. the second goal is; “to eradicate  starvation” and the third goal is “good health and welfare” The fourth goal is “good education”,  goal number 6; “clean water and hygiene”, a goal 7 “clean energy and affordable prices”, goal 8 “suitable work and growth of economy”, target 9 “industry, innovation, infrastructure, target 10; eradicate discrimination,” goal 11; “cities and sustainable national communities”, goal 12 “sustainable consumption and production patterns”, goal 13 “climate work”, target 14 “underwater life” and goal 15 “Wildlife”.


Dr. Essam Khamis added that after the analysis of the published research it has been discovered that there was clear cooperation  and  the highest country cooperated with the university is Saudi Arabia, followed by the United States,  Italy, and Germany, adding that the university  participated in the publication of international research with both: “Cairo University, Al-Azhar University, Ain Shams University, Al Zagazig University, Minia University, National Research Center, University of Kafr El Sheikh, Helwan University, and Badr University in Cairo and with another number of universities.


2- The “Construction Engineering Program” has been accredited by National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education,  to be the third certificate awarded to the “Faculty of Engineering” at the university.


3- The university received on Tuesday, 30/4/2024, a delegation from the Arab Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology of the  Arab Engineers Union,   to conduct a field visit to the Faculty of Engineering and to inspect the human capabilities and curricular resources, in order to complete the process of renewing the college’s accreditation with the Arab Engineers Union.


4- Signing the contract of Emerging Corporate Olympics Project, between university and the fund for supporting innovators and talents, which began its activities from March 2024 and continues until the end of June. It worth mentioning that the university has been selected by the fund for supporting innovators and talents  to host the entrepreneurship olympics within the university during the months of April, May and June, after submitting 18 projects for start ups; 11 on the student’s track and 7 on the researcher’s track. Based on this , the Supreme Committee for the Management of the entrepreneurship  Olympics was formed, and  the subsidiary committees were formed to manage the activities of entrepreneurship  Olympics .

5- Prof. Ezz El Din Abdel Aziz, Dean of the faculty of Applied Arts, presented the approval of the graduates in the Syndicate of Applied Arts of the Faculty of Applied Arts .

6- Continuing consultations and communications with the University of Izhevsk

Technical university in the Russian Federation to prepare joint activities and programs with the Faculties of Fine Arts, Applied Arts, Linguistics and Technical Languages.

7- Nominating Dr. Wael Badawi staff Member of the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence at the University, to represent the University in National Technical Committee For Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence which is affiliated with the Egyptian General authority for Standards and Quality.

The Egyptian Russian University Council announces good news... with pictures and numbers