The Mission of the Construction Engineering Program

The Construction Engineering program at the Faculty of Engineering at the Egyptian Russian University supports the integration of educational, research and service process through providing a distinguished curriculum that allows its graduates to compete in different fields of work related to Construction Engineering both locally and regionally, as well as preparing advanced technological engineering researches and unique society services under the umbrella of global quality systems to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development, promote the production of knowledge, and establish the ethical values within a framework of professional responsibility and community partnership.

The Program aims for construction engineering program:

The construction program aims to provide future engineers able to:

  • Apply the basic concepts of mathematics, science and engineering concepts to solve relevant engineering problems.
  • Develop conceptual and detailed designs for construction projects such as residential, office and industrial buildings as well as bridges, hydraulic structures, sanitary networks and roadways.
  • Act professionally in design and supervision of construction engineering disciplines.
  • Design all or part of the construction processes, coordinate construction projects to accomplish the overall system objectives.
  • Use effectively and professionally codes’ provisions and specialized IT tools besides relevant engineering instruments related to construction disciplines.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the global, ethical, and social implications of the profession in regards to public safety and sustainability issues.
  • Acquire and utilize personal, communication, and leadership skills and be able to work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary team.
  • Use the techniques, skills, and appropriate engineering tools, necessary for engineering practice and project management.
  •  Participate in the identification and solution of problems facing the society and consider the impacts of engineering soluations on it.
  •  Participate in research and development programs in construction engineering instituations and industry.


Construction Engineering Department Major Staff

Prof. Dr. Sherif Fakhry

Prof. Dr. Fatma Mohamed Shaltout

Dr.Abd Al-Aziz S. Al-Sharkawy

Dr. Alaa Abd Altawab

Dr. Omnia Farouk Hussien Mahmoud

Dr. Omnia Fathy

Dr. Said Ahmed Mahrous Khaled

Dr. Ahmed Faisal Oan

Dr. Mohamed Anwar Eleiche

Dr. Ibrahim Eldemary

Dr. Ali Elsayed Elrefaei

Dr. Dalia Mamdouh Hussein

Dr. Mohammed Saber El-Saied

Dr. Mohamed Rabah Elshahat Ali

Dr. Heba Elsaid

Dr. Hossam Eldin

Dr. Marwa Ali

Dr. Ghada Gamal

Dr. Venees Faied

Dr. Safinaz Khalifa

Dr. Dalia Mamdouh Hussein

Esraa Alaa Abdallah Elsadek

Mahmoud Hamdy Youssef

Osama Ahmed Ibrahim Ali

Ahmed Saber Ali

Amr Hussein Assr