Design of Puppets and Stereoscopic Toys Department

Play in its imaginary and material dimensions is one of the important human activities in our historical and cultural paths, and its importance is not limited to pleasure and entertainment only, but extends – as psychologists have explained – to the development of high-level skills in the personality of the individual such as decision-making, socialization, creativity, and others. Students begin their specialized path by learning theoretical skills in conceptual drawing, sculpture, and prototyping. With advances in digital and representative drawing, rapid prototyping, and the design and implementation of a complete game, students develop to a great extent in the design and implementation of puppets and stereoscopic toys. They are also taught by specialized academics as well as professional experts from the puppets and stereoscopic toys industry in particular and the entertainment industry in general. The program is concerned with the basic types of design and manufacture of movable characters, puppets, preschool games, and installation games with the use of various fabrics and materials (cotton, silk, wood, etc.). The courses offered by the department and its activities and educational experiences constitute a vital field for creativity, innovation, and the formulation of the horizons of the social and artistic future.
Puppet and stereoscopic toys design is a major discipline that requires skills from other disciplines offered by the faculty, including design, engineering, illustration, graphic design, and digital design. Students will gain knowledge in child psychology, graphic narrative, business practices, promotion, and presentation. They will gain experience and knowledge about product safety, sustainability, packaging, materials, and manufacturing. At the end of the study, they will gain the ability to create a game from concept to retail and finally to the end consumer.


Pharmacology and Toxicology Department Major Staff

Prof. Laila A. Abd El-Aziz

Dr. Noha M. Saeed

Dr. Aya Shaheen

Dr. Ahmed Attwa