Digital Media Arts Department

Students in the Digital Media Arts program learn the creativity of illustrated narrative, through animation arts, entertainment arts design, digital games, and motion design. Students acquire technical and conceptual creative skills that qualify them as designers, artists, and entrepreneurs in the professional life through a basic understanding of the digital tools of the age and their creative applications as well as the educational areas offered by the department through which students acquire the skills of digital media, effective visual communication, illustrated narrative, and motion design for games, movies, and the Internet. These specialization areas include courses in the design of entertainment arts, digital games, concept art, 2D and 3D animation, and visual, motion, and sound effects. Students also learn the skills of initiative and interaction with their environment as designers, artists, and citizens armed with a deep understanding of the nature of the age and its technological and intellectual data while employing them to meet the applied and aesthetic needs of society. This is achieved by developing innovative solutions appropriate to comprehensive cultural development, while ensuring an aesthetic and technical balance between the tools and media of traditional fine arts and renewable technologies, through the following focus areas:
- Students in animation learn to design and create characters and live comics – fictional and realistic – through intelligent observation of the details and contents that activate imagination and creativity, using the possibilities of expressive and representative animation, where students learn to use a wide range of traditional animation techniques and 2D or 3D digital applications, with special emphasis on graphic narrative, character design, acting, and traditional drawing skills.
- Students in the design of entertainment arts and digital games learn how to create visual elements for games, applications, feature films, and other works of entertainment, where they develop their skills in conceptual arts and visual development, as well as learn the principles and processes related to the creation of visual representations of characters, environments, and props required for movies and games. Students develop the skills necessary for the methods of game design, environment, graphic narrative, and design of interactive game characters, applications, and websites, using most of the advanced CGI technologies. Students also acquire the technical skills required to create stunning visual effects for movies, commercials, and videos.
- Students in motion design learn to combine printing, graphics, filmmaking, video, images, and sound to communicate ideas, by creating dynamic visual images for commercials, trailers for feature films, TV shows, websites, and new media for motion sequence making in movies and games. Students also develop concepts that can be applied in a wide range of areas of entertainment design and industry.


Pharmacology and Toxicology Department Major Staff

Prof. Laila A. Abd El-Aziz

Dr. Noha M. Saeed

Dr. Aya Shaheen

Dr. Ahmed Attwa