Learn about the details of honoring the Egyptian-Russian University at the Huawei Ambassadors Conference .. video included

Prof. Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abdelnabi, President of the Egyptian-Russian University, announced that the university was honored in the celebration of the “Ambassadors of Huawei Academies” held by “Huawei” company, the world leader in the field of telecommunications, especially the fifth generation technology (G5). This honoring came due to the achievement and the distinguished educational and training level offered by the high-ranking faculty members within “Huawei Academy” at the university since its establishment in 2021, as well as the large number of those who graduated with high efficiency from the academy. He noted that this honoring comes within the framework of the continuous support of Dr.  Mohamed Kamal Mustafa, Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees.

The President of the Egyptian-Russian University added that the university seeks in the field of digital transformation to cope with the global trends and the requirements of the state’s 2030 Vision. In addition, the university has taken many executive steps to excel in the field of education and take advantage of modern technological systems in raising the quality of graduates to ensure their excellence in the labor market, especially in the field of digital transformation and artificial intelligence. He further noted that the university has introduced modern technology on the campus in order for the student to acquire and master different digital skills and also to link all the eight faculties of the university, namely: “Oral and Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, Management, Economics and Business Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Applied Arts, Fine Arts, and Alsun” with digitization.

In the same context, Prof. Hisham Fathy, Dean of the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence and General Supervisor of Huawei Academy at the Egyptian-Russian University, confirmed that more than 450 trainees have graduated from the academy to create a link between the students and the advanced and modern activities and programs “Huawei” offers. This contributes to raising awareness and sharing knowledge in the field of information and communication technology with their colleagues inside and outside the university perimeter, in addition to using communication technology and artificial intelligence to raise the efficiency of internal networks in faculty buildings inside the campus, to cope with the development and requirements for the future.

The General Supervisor of Huawei Academy at the Egyptian-Russian University explained that one of the objectives of establishing the partnership between the university and “Huawei” is to build the capabilities of young people in the “field of information and communication technology (ICT) sciences and artificial intelligence”. This partnership also aims to provide these students with the necessary skills through training courses, as well as providing full care and support for them on campus through a large constellation of faculty members in all disciplines.

For his part, Dr. Tamer Saleh, Executive Director of Huawei Academy at the Egyptian-Russian University, stated that the partnership between the university and “Huawei” is an example of integration and fruitful cooperation in building digital capabilities for young people to qualify them to compete in the labor market. He pointed out that the ICT sector constitutes the second most important jobs of the future and the most in demand globally directly after the jobs of the “health sector”. He also pointed out that the graduates of this sector are in high demand by local and international companies, whether in the Egyptian market or outside Egypt.

The Executive Director of Huawei Academy at the Egyptian-Russian University indicated that the economics of employment for any company looking for a multi-skilled graduate, especially in communications technology and digital transformation, makes them more than others candidates to excellent job opportunities. He also pointed out that the university’s partnership with “Huawei” contributes to preparing students in the field of ICT; nearly 500 students have been trained during this short period in the fields of networks and artificial intelligence from the current students and graduates of the university and other universities, and 60 students passed the international exam. Also, 6 faculty members and supporting staff passed the courses, and engineers Mustafa Gamal Mohamed and Rehab Hassan were chosen among the top 10 trainers in the world.

On the same subject, Mustafa Tarek Youssef, a student at the “Bachelor’s” stage in the Department of Communications at the Faculty of Engineering at the university, ranked first among the ambassadors of Huawei academies in Egypt. During his speech at the conference, he revealed that he will represent the Egyptian state in the finals of Huawei academies in “China” in the field of cloud computing, noting that he benefited greatly from his experience in “Huawei Academy” inside the university campus. He also alluded to the many benefits the Academy provides to students in the field of the latest advanced information systems in the world, which made him qualified to represent “Egypt” in the finals in Africa, where he won first place with a score of “960/1000”.

Student Mustafa Tarek Youssef noted that the practical training provided by the experience of “Huawei Academy” inside the university campus helps to improve the CV significantly, in addition to making the graduate qualified to many opportunities available and suitable for his interests to reach the stage of innovation and creativity at work. He also noted that the advantage in the Huawei training program is that trainees obtain certificates approved by the parent company, and this opportunity is not available anywhere else, which makes it a unique experience.

The ceremony was attended by Dr. Hisham Farouk, Assistant of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research for Digital Transformation, Dr. Haitham Hamza, Head of the Central Department of Scholarships at the Ministry of Higher Education, Mr. Ma Ben, CEO of Government Relations and Strategic Communication at Huawei Egypt, Eng. Amr Zayed , CEO of Huawei Academy Egypt, Eng. Asmaa Serag, Head of Training and Development Sector for Huawei Academy Egypt, and a large number of the symbols of higher education and scientific research and public figures.

The university president and student Mustafa Tarek participated among four panelists in the discussion following the celebration.

Learn about the details of honoring the Egyptian-Russian University at the Huawei Ambassadors Conference .. video included