The Faculty of Management, Economics and Business Technology at the Egyptian Russian University honors students on the orientation day

Dr. Tahera El-Sayed Hamiyah , Dean of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Business Technology at the Egyptian Russian University “ERU”, declared that the faculty’s administration organized an introductory meeting for the first-year students on the occasion of the start of the new academic year (2022-2023). This occasion came to congratulate and welcome the new students on joining the university family as well as introducing them to the university, its regulations and system to be accustomed with the study system and programs offered by the faculty. It is worth mentioning that the academically outstanding students in the various levels and departments were also honored, under the auspices of Dr. Mohamed Kamal El-Sayed Mustafa, Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees, and Prof. Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abdel Nabi, President of the University.


During her speech to the new comers, the Dean indicated that the college includes “6” basic distinct programs, which are:


1- The Business Administration Program including sub-specialties in: “Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance and Investment, and, the latest one, Supply Chains”.


2- Accounting program.


3- Economics program.


4- Political science program.


5- The Business Technology Program, which includes the sub-specialties: “Management Information Systems (MIS) and Business Analytics (BA). In addition to two sub-specialties that have been approved to start studies this year: Digital Banking and Financial Technology, and Marketing Intelligence.


6- Digital political science program.


Dr. Tahera El-Sayed Hamiyah clarified that the faculty’s graduates have several and various fields that every facility needs whether it is administrative, economic, commercial, private, governmental or any other facility. Moreover, the faculty has the potentiality to prepare a distinguished graduate at the local, regional, and international level. She continued her speech by asking students to have morals first, then science, which are the basis for building nations and civilized societies, and not the other way around. The students were urged to participate in student activities such as cultural, sports and social activities due to their impact on refining the student’s experiences, expanding his perceptions, and providing the opportunity to meet and interact with peer students in the faculty or from other faculties within the university. 


Furthermore, Dr. Engy Raouf, the Vice Dean of the Faculty and Associate Professor in the Department of Economics, congratulated the new students on their acceptance to the faculty and provided a full explanation of the economics program. As Dr. Engy mentioned, everything that happens in our daily lives is closely related to the science of economics. She added that a graduate of this program can join multiple positions, including an economic researcher in the press and media, and specialized international organizations.




For her part, Dr. Nihad Hosny, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Accounting and Director of Academic Advising, confirmed that the Accounting program has numerous advantages in providing many jobs for the student to work in after graduation. She explained that the faculty administration maintains a study atmosphere and an appropriate learning environment for students in a way to help them succeed and excel in the faculty and overcome all the difficulties they might face while studying. 


From the Political Science program, Dr. Ahmed El-Basousy, an Assistant Professor of Political Science,  stated that the “Political Science Program” offers the students numerous informative and educational benefits and job opportunities in various sectors and ministries in the country. He shed light on the huge difference between the previous stages of “pre-university” education, and the new stage, in students’ lives, in terms of intellectual maturity, the way of dealing and the formation of their personality.


For her part, Dr. Mona Moussa, an Assistant Professor of Business Administration, gave an interesting explanation of the business administration program and showed the differences between the program’s sub-specialties, and the various jobs that a graduate of these programs can work in. She stressed on importance of the students to specialize in the program that best suits their personalities and talents to be successful models in the future and able to meet the needs of the labor market, which is developing rapidly every day


Last but not least, the Faculty of Management, Economics and Business Technology leaders concluded the induction day’s ceremony by honoring the faculty’s top students and handing them certificates of appreciation, and thanking Dr. Nihad Hosny, the coordinator of the ceremony, and the student team that participated in the organization. The names of the honorees were as follows:


Top fourth year students: 


-Shorouk Mustafa Abdel Latif Ibrahim Khader, ” Department of Economy”.


– Mohamed Nabil Mohamed Shukri El-Gamal, “Department of Business Administration – Finance”.


– Mustafa Hassan Mohamed Fadil, “Department of Accounting”.


Top third year studnets:


– Aya Khaled Mahmoud Hassanein, “Department of Political Science”.


– Hanin Magdy Muhammad Al-Asadi, “Department of Business Administration “.


– Mohamed Gamal Mohamed Abdel Moez, “Department of Economics”.


– Mennat Allah Medhat Muhammad ” Department of Accounting”


Top second year studnets:


– John Mohsen Bushra Zekri, “Department of Economics”


– Omar Jalal Moawad Ashour, “Department of Accounting”


– Jannatullah Asaad Abdullah “Department of Management Information Systems”


– Antoun Magdy Fawzy Kamel “Department of Business Technology “


Top first year students:  a-“Management”: 


– Hamza Mohamed Hassan Abu El-Enein.


-Ali Syed Ahmed Ali Mohamed.


B- “Business Technology”


– Abdel Rahman Mahmoud Ahmed.


-Jannat Allah Saleh Abu Al-Atta.

The Faculty of Management, Economics and Business Technology at the Egyptian Russian University honors students on the orientation day