Ministry of Social Solidarity Honoring Students of the Egyptian Russian University

   Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abd El-Nabi, president of the Egyptian Russian University (ERU), announced that 24 students who excelled academically in various faculties of the university were honored by the “Ministry of Social Solidarity” in the great Conference Hall “Dr. Sherif Helmy Hall” as part of the activities of a seminar “Towards Active Youth” which was organized by the Social Solidarity Unit inside the university campus.

   The president of the Egyptian Russian University (ERU) added that the establishment of a Social Solidarity Unit inside the university campus on 5/12/2021 comes in light of the state’s strategic direction in supporting and developing Human Resources, and based on the university administration’s keenness to prepare a good citizen who interacts positively with all the issues of his society while preserving its traditions, customs, and values, producing and participating in the development of the state’s resources and not only consuming them. Dr. Sherif also pointed out that introducing the student to the fields of community participation and its official methods is considered an important tributary in preparing the graduate; To be an active member of society and civil society organizations. The president of the Egyptian Russian University (ERU) stated that the Ministry of Social Solidarity represented by the “Social Solidarity Unit” at the university provides various and varied activities to meet the basic needs of students during their university studies or during the annual vacation, and for new graduates after completing their studies,  and to promote peace, community security, social justice, economic growth, raising awareness of the education system, voluntary work, NGOs and the laws regulating them, and increasing its investment rates in order to achieve the desired goals of integrated and sustainable development to make the university graduate capable and effective at the professional and societal level within the framework of laws and norms.

   In the same context, Dr. Salah Hashem, Advisor to the Minister of Social Solidarity and General Coordinator of Social Solidarity Units in universities, indicated that the “Ministry of Social Solidarity” provides many diverse and various activities for college students in 28 universities, and that the Egyptian Russian University is the only private university among those universities. Among the most important of these services and activities are the following:

1- Social services and economic empowerment.

2- Disbursing financial reward to (5) top students in each college in public and private universities.

3- Disbursing a monthly reward to all “First” students throughout the study period at the rate of “500 pounds”; As a contribution to his education and excellence.

4- Disbursing all prosthetic devices to disabled students in colleges fee of charge.

5- Disbursing laptops equipped with the Braille system; for the visually impaired students, free of charge.

6- Disbursement of a good loan without interest; For students who are unable to complete paying tuition fees.

7- Financing productive small projects for students during and after study through “good personal loan” without interest.

8- Treating students who have been afflicted with addiction within the “Ministry of Social Solidarity” centers for free.

9- providing psychological and social rehabilitation and counseling for some students who have disorders.

10- Issuance of integrated services card from the “Ministry of Social Solidarity “; For deserving students in university faculties.

11- providing and organizing trips for the national projects of the state; To inform students about the achievements of the modern state to increase national belonging.

   For her part, Dr. Hanaa Abd El-Rahman, the head of student activities at the Egyptian Russian University (ERU), stated that the celebration included a presentation of the achievements of the Solidarity Unit at the university during the past academic year, and a group of students recounted their experience in community volunteering, and that it is part of the “Equal Educational Opportunities for All” initiative of the Ministry of Social Solidarity. Then a laptop (designated for people with visual disabilities) was granted to one of the students. The outstanding students in the faculties of the university were also honored within the “Incubators of Excellence” initiative, amounting (24) students in the faculties:

“Pharmacy, Engineering, Oral and Dental Medicine, Management,Economics and Business Technology” and they are:

1- Moamen Salah Fathy, “Pharmacy”.

2- Mennat Allah Hamed Abd El-Rahman, “Pharmacy”.

3- Manar Hamadah Mohamed, “Pharmacy”.

4- Adel Salam Essam Mustafa, “Pharmacy”.

5- Mennat Allah Mossad Mohamed, “Pharmacy”.

6- Marwa Ismail Abd El-Aziz, “Pharmacy”.

7- Mazen Ayman Salah El-Din, “Engineering”.

8- Abd El-Rahman Awad   Mahmoud, “Engineering”.

9- Mustafa Ahmed Abd El- Wahab, “Engineering”.

10- Eman Sameh Abd El-Rahman, “Engineering”.

11- Kirlos Emad Nassif, “Engineering”.

12- Tasneem Ahmed El-Sayed, “Engineering”.

13- Mennat Allah Tariq Mohamed, “Oral and Dental Medicine”.

14- Yasmin Al-Sayed Al-Jabri, “Oral and Dental Medicine”.

15- Shihab Hussein Ibrahim, “Oral and Dental Medicine”.

16- Abd El-Rahman Ahmed Al-Sayed, “Oral and Dental Medicine”.

17- Evany Sami Hanna Khalil, “Oral and Dental Medicine”.

18- Faten Al-Sayed Ghannam Al-Sayed, “Oral and Dental Medicine”.

19- Fatima Mohamed Abd Allah, “Oral and Dental Medicine”.

20- Aya khaled Mahmoud, “Management, Economics and Business Technology”.

21- Hanin Magdy Mohamed, “Management, Economics and Business Technology”.

22- Mohamed Gamal Mohamed, “Management, Economics and Business Technology”.

23- Abd Al- Qader Hosni Mohamed, “Management, Economics and Business Technology”.

24- Aya khaled Mohamed, “Management, Economics and Business Technology”.

Ministry of Social Solidarity Honoring Students of the Egyptian Russian University