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*Dr. Mina Ghaly is Social Innovation Expert*
Mina Ghaly, an Egyptian Social Innovation Expert at the International German Cooperation (GIZ), Mina hold a master’s degree in International Development “Poverty, Inequality and Development Policies” from Birmingham University, UK. plus a master’s degree in “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management” through an academic collaboration between university of Cambridge and Faculty of Economics and Political science, Cairo university. Mina also a fellow of “Hands along the Nile” program – US Department of State since 2016, he was hosted by “Philadelphia Works” in Pennsylvania, to exchange experience in the field of Innovation and social development.
For over 19 years, Ghaly worked in many local and international development agencies. He participated in several development projects that targeted various community issues such as violence against women and children, youth empowerment, employment, decentralization, and employment quality.
Mina uses innovative applications and methodologies adopted by the private sector worldwide in the development practices in Egypt, such as: Design Thinking, Serious Gaming, Gamification, 360 filming, VR, Agile… etc…
Mina is in the process of publishing a book chapter on the topic of using serious gaming in social development sector, in cooperation with Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University. Edinburgh.
Mina is an internationally accredited “Design Thinking” coach from several German and international organizations. Through his work in GIZ, he carries out several workshops in the field of entrepreneurship to find innovative solutions to the problems facing the Egyptian workforce especially the Blue-Collar segment. Over and above that, Mina prepares a professional team of trainers in Egypt to use innovative and non-traditional mechanisms to deal with the societal challenges in Egypt.

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