The Egyptian Russian University Contributes to 32 International Research Publication In “Scopus” International Magazines during January and February 2023

Prof. Dr. Sherif Fakhry, President of the Egyptian Russian University, announced that faculty members at the university published thirty-two distinguished research papers in the journals uploaded to the international “Scopus” platform, in January and February 2023, with Hirsch index 3, and19 citations. Thus, the total scientific publication of the Egyptian Russian University are 697 research, 199 of which were published in 2022, and 32 were published in 2023.

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Prof. Essam Khamis, Vice President of the University, added that the distribution of the published research specializations was in the fields of pharmacy, toxicology and drugs, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, engineering, chemistry, materials science, medicine, physics and astronomy, computer science, environmental science, immunology and microbiology.

 The Egyptian Russian University participated in co-publishing international research papers with researchers from the following universities: Cairo, Al-Azhar, Zagazig, Banha, Badr, Heliopolis, Umm Al-Qura, Minya, Ain Shams, Suez Canal, Menoufia, Taif, Al-Nahda, Al-Azhar, and Assiut. 

 Prof. Essam Khamis added that by analyzing the published research, it was found that there is clear international cooperation in conducting these research papers, and that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered the most participating country with ERU in the process of publication for this week. Then comes respectively: India, Bangladesh, China, Iraq, Japan, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the UAE Arabia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Yemen. 

Prof. Khamis analyzed the university research activities during a short-term strategic period in 2019-2021, and explained that the number of citations for each research reached 8.8, the total number of citations was 2502, and that the Field-Weighted Citation Impact became 1.27, which is 0.27 higher than the global average during the period from 2019 to 2021. He added that the international cooperation in publishing scientific research reached %35.6 via 129 universities and research institutes, in cooperation with 270 researchers from different countries. Research cooperation with beneficiaries reached %1.1 of the total scientific publication. He also indicated that %42.2 of scientific publications were in Q1 journals, and %27.1 were in Q2 journals. Moreover, the university published research covered nine goals of the sustainable development goals.For his part, Prof. Sherif Fakhry congratulated faculty members whose research has been published on the list, wishing them further progress and scientific achievements in order to highlight the role of the university in international classifications as well as forums.


The Egyptian Russian University Contributes to 32 International Research Publication In “Scopus” International Magazines during January and February 2023