The Faculty of Fine Arts at the Egyptian Russian University organized an art exhibition for students under the title "The First Harvest for the year 2023". .

Dr. Sherif Fakhry Mohamed Abdelnaby, President of the Egyptian Russian University, announced that the “First Harvest Exhibition for the year 2023” has been launched including the first artistic productin of the first year students at the Faculty of Fine Arts, in the first semester, in the fields of drawing, coloring, artistic printing, design, and ceramic art. This intiative came out of the university’s endeavor to motivate talented students, develop their abilities, refine their skills, and support them with science and artistic culture. Moreover, the exhibition came within the framework of spreading awareness and artistic culture in the surrounding community. He clarified that the exhibition was held with the support of Dr. Mohamed Kamal El-Sayed Mustafa, Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees.

The President of the Egyptian Russian University praised the exhibited artworks and the students’ creativity and invited them to join the university’s “Entrepreneurship Club,” to help them understand how to display their creativity to the public and build their own economic entity. This will enable them to be pioneers in their work in the fields of manufacturing and production and join the labor market, whether locally or internationally. He noted that all the practical and theoretical departments in all the faculties of the university are concerned with introducing students to the labor market and the development of manufacturing and production technology through a good follow-up.
It is woth mentioning that the university is keen on encouraging students to start their own small projects to be entrepreneurs after graduation.

Dr. Mohamed Orabi, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Egyptian Russian University, affirmed that this distinguished exhibition announces the birth of a new generation that will occupy a distinctive position in the path of comprehensive development that the country seeks at this stage. This generation expresses itself with strength and passion through presenting distinguished works of art with an innovative experience that opens new windows for a bright future for the students according to Dr. Mohamed Orabi. He explained that this exhibition is the result of a new teaching experience according to an interactive methodology aimed at developing the ways of critical, creative, scientific and research thinking and works to consolidate a deeper understanding of cultural concepts and contexts of the movement of “Fine Arts” and its paths whether indoor or abroad.

The Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts added that the exhibition was attended by more than 89 students with their various products and a number of 213 works of art in the fields of “painting, ceramic formation, sculpture, and artistic printing.” All of these works were executed through the faculty’s laboratories and workshops. He indicated the Faculty’s vision is presenting a distinguished graduate in all fields of fine arts sciences in order to raise the level of general artistic taste of the surrounding community.

Dr. Muhammad Orabi praised the efforts of the success partners in the exhibition, including faculty members and the teaching assistant staff, who are contributing to the birth of a new generation of artists and designers who will possess the tools of the era within the faculty to occupy a distinguished position within the local, regional and global market. In addition, he thanked the university for not sparing any effort in providing all the necessary capabilities to achieve a unique academic experience within the faculty. He also expressed his gratitude to the work team that prepared the artworks and coordinated and managed the exhibition professionally in managing. The dean also stressed that exhibition coordination is an important specialization in the field of fine arts and the faculty is interested in preparing a professional generation in cultural management and coordinating artistic events.

It is worth mentioning that Sahar Al-Behairy, Art Critic, praised the preparation and organization of the exhibition, which came from a professional perspective. Artist Nadim Orabi, and artist Youmni Sharif were responsible for organizing and coordinating the exhibition.

The opening of the ” The First Harvest Exhibition for the year 2023″ at the Faculty of Fine Arts was attended by Dr. Essam Khamis, Vice President of the University, Dr. Nasser El-Gendy, General Director of the Educational Department of Badr and El-Shorouk Cities, Accountant Tariq Bilal, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Parents of the Educational Department of Badr and El-Shorouk Cities, Prof. Sahar El-Behairy, Art Critic, Dr. Muhammad Thabet Badari, Vice Dean of the Faculty, members of the faculty and the teaching assistant staff of the faculty, a large number of deans and university members, students from various faculties of the university, and a number of students’ parents.

The Faculty of Fine Arts at the Egyptian Russian University organized an art exhibition for students under the title "The First Harvest for the year 2023".