Business Professional Information Technology department

As the economy becomes an information base, the demand for business graduates who are knowledgeable about design, planning, developing, managing, and evaluating information systems technology continues to increase. The better decisions making, in uncertain business environments, also requires collecting and analyzing data using computational, statistical, and mathematical models.
The department of business professional information technology at the faculty of management, professional technology, and computers offers programs with a cross-disciplinary focus that integrates information technology (IT) techniques and concepts and data analytics into the field of study in business. It provides an academic / technical foundation for individuals preparing for positions in business and health careers using computer applications and administrative skills. Graduates will be equipped to adapt to the continual change that evolving technology demands.
For the time being, the department of business professional information technology offers two programs that lead to the Bachelor of Science degree in either:

  1. Business Analytics (BA)
  2. Management information system (MIS)
  3. Marketing Intelligence (MI)
  4. Digital Banking and Fintech (DBF)


Business Professional Information Technology Major Staff

Dr. Sara Elmanawy

Dr. Mona Hamed

Dr. Rowaida Ali

Mrs. Wesam Ali Abdalla

Mrs. Alaa Naguib

Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim